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Light up someone's life with the gift of Crystal Art Kits that add sparkle to any home.

Outset Media is a wholesale distributor and manufacturer of board games, card games, and jigsaw puzzles to retailers across Canada and the United States.  The company is also an award winning supplier in Canada providing retailers with wholesale toys and games from our US partners.  Outset distributes popular products to Canadian retailers for companies like BlueOrange Games, MindWare, PlayMonster (formerly Patch), Fat Brain Toys, Be Amazing Toys, Late for the Sky, and more. If you're a retailer in Canada, look to Outset for popular games like Qwirkle or fun party games like 5 Second Rule. 

People love our wide range of family board games for all ages, including a great collection of preschool games from Noggin Playground. Whether you're in need of a cooperative game, like Dragon Dash, or a classic game like Pirates Snakes and Ladders, we have a board game or card game for the whole family - rain or shine - just check out our Family Scavenger Hunt!  Outset is also known for its popular brain games from MindTrap, as well as the brain teasers from Noggin Workshop, like IQ Squares and Word Mixers, and other brain busting puzzles like IQ Busters.

Children, parents, and teachers love our award winning card game, Professor Noggin, which includes nearly two dozen titles spanning subjects from history to geography to nature and science; it's a fun, engaging, and entertaining educational card game. For some laugh out loud fun for large parties, try What? (great for office party games too!) and Family Charades 4-in-1. If you're looking for a rendition of the game that started the company, you have to play Canadian Trivia Family  Edition. We have the best selling Canadian Trivia board game that is stacked with Junior and Expert question cards, so the family can play together. Or, if you prefer, play American Trivia Family Edition. Both trivia board games are made in the USA!  Whether you're a retailer looking to sell our games or a consumer looking to buy our games, we're sure to give you great customer service and we always have a "real person" on the other end of the phone! Take a look at our best sellers in games and best sellers in jigsaw puzzles!

If you'd like to read more about the games we like, check out Critic's Corner!



Outset Media is the exclusive distributor of the best selling Cobble Hill jigsaw puzzles.  The Cobble Hill brand is best known for its high-quality linen print pieces, the nostalgic images, random-cut pieces and for being made in the USA.  Puzzle fans love our trademark quirky, random shaped pieces that make hunting for the perfect piece so much fun. Puzzle piece counts include 2000 piece, 1000 piece, 500 piece, 350 Family Pieces, 275 piece Easy Handling puzzle, Floor Puzzles and a large selection of tray puzzles - great for seniors and children.  Our images come from top notch artists including Shelley Davies, Robert Bateman, Jim Daly, Tom Newsom, Rosemary Millette, Douglas Laird, Greg Giordano, Dave Barnhouse and many more!

Our collection of Robert Bateman wildlife puzzles are incredibly special. The Robert Bateman Centre is in the heart of Victoria, a city we love and not just because the Cobble Hill main office is there! It's never too late to own a masterful piece of Robert Bateman art in your home.  We're proud to see his wildlife nature work grace our Cobble Hill puzzles!

Are you looking for board game or card game recommendations? 

  • For large groups of adult friends, the board games we recommend are: What? and Act Fast! - it's perfect for guaranteed laughs!  
  • Is it family game night? Choose Family Charades 4-in-1 if you like to act out or Keys to the Ice Castle a great tile-laying game.
  • For smaller families of 4 or less, try The Great Dragon Race! The kids will love the art work and the light strategy that leaves everyone guessing who will actually win the game!
  • Do you have an intellectual group? Try a board game or card game from our MindTrap collection or from our Noggin Workshop games.  
  • Or, for a fun, but quieter family game night, look to any of the 20+ redesigned Professor Noggin card games, like Outer Space!
  • If you're more of a sit back and watch TV kind of family, visit our Watch Videos page or YouTube and play along with pedestrians “on the street” as they answer questions from our trivia board game: American Trivia Family Edition and Canadian Trivia Family Edition.  You'll learn lots of fun facts about Canada and the US, and probably share some giggles too.
  • Parents in need of active kids game for wee ones should try Picture Charades; there's no reading required! But, if you want to sit and play a board game, choose one of our preschool and early education games from Noggin Playground. We have a fantastic cooperative board game called Dragon Dash where fearless knights traverse Dragonwood to create a safe path for all. 

Board games are a great way to spend time together, off-screen.  So whether you're looking for laugh out loud fun or a simpler quiet night together, we have something for everyone.