IQ Busters - Ball Traps Blue Solution (Hashtag)

IQ Busters - ball traps blue - puzzle video solution - Hashtag
  • IQ Busters - ball traps blue - puzzle video solution - Hashtag

Are you feeling trapped - or is that just your ball?  We have the video solution for you to take apart this Ball Traps Blue puzzle and how to trap the ball back inside.  *Note: the video to take it apart is not shown. But, if you watch the video to the end, you'll understand how to take apart the puzzle. Taking it apart requires finding the four wood blocks that need to be rotated 1/4 or 1/2 turn (depending on how much you fidgeted with it!) After rotating the block say 1/4 turn, you are able to slide out a block.  Just pay attention after each turn and you'll notice how a block is trapped by the turn or if it can be released from the turn. The four blocks will be on the same side.

All IQ Buster puzzles are imported from the UK without video or paper solutions, so we have to find some person who loves self torture to actually figure these things out - just like you.  We hope this video solution helps.

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