New York Toy Fair 2017 - Game Highlights for Outset

With Links to The Game Aisle's Toy Fair Trends (four parts)
9 March 2017

New York Toy Fair!  There's nothing else quite like it in North America when it comes to industry trade shows. Located in a fast paced city with a great symbol of hope and a buzz that can't be beat - New York Toy Fair is always something to look forward to.

Every year Outset heads to Toy Fair with excitement to meet up with retailers, talk with the media, and check out all things new in the toy and game industry.  Usually our team arrives to show day early in the morning to walk the floor and peek at all the products hoping to captivate an eager audience.  Some products really stand out, while others leave you scratching your head.  There's a massive amount of new games every year and seeing trends in the industry can be a challenge when you have to get back to your booth!

Thankfully, we have Kim Vandenbroucke from The Game Aisle to the rescue! Every year Kim reports back to the world with the hottest trends and the coolest games.  It's always a good read and worth the time to keep up on the newest available games.  This year, Outset was lucky to have a game highlighted in each of her four part story - and they happen to be some of our attendees favourite game picks too!  Below are the categories where Outset's stand out games landed, but give The Game Aisle's four part series a read to find out what else made the list and about the different trends in the game industry.  We are pleased to see MindWare and Fat Brain Toys made the list with several of their games!

Links to the four part story:  Part 1  |  Part 2  |  Part 3  |  Part 4

Outset Games That Made "The List"

Part 1 - Who Nose? - Social Media Moments 

Part 2 - Igloo Mania - Toy-etic games ... yah, you should go read the article!

Part 3 - Mosquito Madness - Speed Visual and See It! Slam It! Say It! - Word Games

Part 4Ant Colony - Cooperative Games

Thanks for reading. Check out everything from The Game Aisle's review of New York Toy Fair 2017 game highlights!