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The Great Board Game Carol!

by Corey Whelen
29 November 2022

What's the true meaning of Christmas? The board games at the friendly local game shop learn an important holiday lesson from a very special guest- it's Santa Claus.

The Top 5 Family Friendly Board Games for Halloween 2022!

by Corey Whelen
5 October 2022

Halloween! The season of spooks, spirits, and of course, silly board games! Of course, there’s no better way to spend it than with your family and friends, and there’s no better way to do THAT then with a good game! Luckily, Outset Media has you covered! We’ve done the research, collected the data, rewatched the Friday the 13th movies, and assembled a list of what we think are the best Halloween board games for your buck- and we’re pleased as pumpkins to share it with you!

Dave Manga Talks Board Games with JD Moffat On Jewel 99.3

22 April 2021

During the pandemic, we've heard a lot about the craze over puzzles.  There was an intervew with Dave early on in 2020 where he likened the sales for puzzles to toilet paper. It was accurate. Puzzles were incredibly difficult to find, and they are still incredibly popular one year later, though our supply for Cobble Hill puzzles is slightly better now (thankfully).

Play Safer: One Year Later

by Corey Whelen
14 April 2021

Note: This is a follow-up article to one we wrote last year! For more ideas for safe, distanced board gaming, click to read, "Play Safe: Getting New Games During Quarantine". 

Oh boy, pandemics are long, huh? Fifty-something weeks later and the loss of my weekly board game night still stings like a bumblebee on steroids. I’ve spent the last year searching, sourcing, and scouring the internet for new and exciting ways to play board games- at least to tide me over until I finish the proto-type of my COVID-proof four-person board game bubble-dome. And honestly, things have been going really well and I wanted to share some of my findings! With the digital board games. Initial testing on the bubble-dome has NOT been promising.

St. Nick’s Christmas Picks: A Short Guide to Quarantine Christmas Games

by Corey Whelen
1 December 2020

‘Twas three weeks before Christmas, and all ‘cross the Earth,

People were staying inside, afraid to get sick or worse.

We all felt the pressure as the season drew near,

the holiday headstone for a ridiculous year.


Prescription for Puzzles: The Health Benefits to Jigsaw Puzzles

by Corey Whelen
1 May 2020

Centering is a common calming and focusing technique used to handle stressful situations, usually panic or anxiety attacks.

Sunrise, Sun Senet: The World’s Oldest Game

by Corey Whelen
24 April 2020

With the current fervor of the industry, it’s strange to think that hobby board games were virtually non-existent 25 years ago.

We're All Mad Here - Come Join the Tea Party!

16 April 2020

With all the talk lately about protective measures from Covid-19, one might think that the title of our blog is about the state of our sanity, but it's in fact a behind the scenes look at two of ou

Play Safe: Getting New Games During Quarantine

by Corey Whelen
8 April 2020

When the world is getting scary and the quarantine crazies are getting to you, there’s nothing quite as calming as curling up around a family boardgame.

Pros and “Cons”: The Wide World of Worldwide Board Game Conventions

by Corey Whelen
2 October 2019

In my experience, nothing brings people together quite like a board game. That warm familiar feeling of attacking a shared puzzle and outwitting your friends is delightful, and since the early 2000’s, hobby board games have had astronomical growth as an industry, meaning games are bringing more people together than ever. Nowhere is this more evident than in the industries adjacent to board games- particularly board game conventions, or “cons” as they’re often referred to. Convention season is just firing up, so I thought we’d take a look at some gaming conventions, and maybe help find one for you!


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