Cobble Hill Puzzles Testimonials

Thank you to all who have written to us, emailed, and phoned!

14 May 2017

I wanted to express my extreme gratitude in your handling of my situation on the loss of a puzzle piece from my train puzzle .Your customer service with this problem was exemplary .I will continue to purchase and enjoy your puzzles. With greatest thanks. B. Harley

12 May 2017

My daughter gave me two of your puzzles for Christmas: Hockey on a Frozen Lake and Wolves by Moonlight. Your puzzles are amazing. First time I had heard of them. I would say your puzzles are by far the best I have ever done. They are difficult, but really fun to do. The piece shapes are interesting, they fit into each other well (don't fall apart), you know when a piece fits or doesn't. Even though they are difficult, they are doable. Love them. Will ask my daughter for at least one each year. Thanks Annemarie

14 April 2017

Good Morning
We would like to thank you for your wonderful puzzles ,my husband and I only recently began doing puzzles to pass time during our long cold winters .We enjoy the challenges and quality of your products.
We now share them after completion with the palliative care facility where I volunteer so they too can enjoy .
Debbie and Jack, Winnipeg

31 March 2017

 I want to thank you for your replacement puzzle that I requested due to a missing piece .It is heartwarming to know that a company still cares about customer service .You make a great product. Dave 

15 March 2017

 Your puzzle that I just completed was the Hardy Boys. I wanted to say it was one of the most enjoyable puzzles I have ever assembled. Thank you. G. Mclaughlin 

23 February 2017

I love your puzzles. Never had one before, but the quality is so far above any other jigsaw puzzle I've ever put together! Thank you!!! If you do not already do so, you ought to consider custom puzzles - given your superb quality I can see people paying a lot for first birthday, wedding, house or garden puzzles that are truly theirs!

16 February 2017

I just wanted to thank you for the quick response with my complaint. I arrived home from work today and my new puzzle was waiting for me. WOW...I am at a loss for words. I just love your puzzles and will continue to buy them especially after the wonderful customer service. Again thank-you for replacing my damaged puzzle so quickly.....S. Schell

1 February 2017

I came across the Cobblehill site while searching for new jig saw puzzle products. After looking around the site for a while, I read through the testimonials page and found a wonderful review of a puzzle called--as I subsequently learned--"Harvard's Up Early." Because I couldn't find the puzzle on the site for purchase, I contacted Cobblehill by e-mail and received an almost immediate response. I learned that "Harvard's Up Early" was no longer available from Cobblehill directly, but I was provided with a list of possible resellers. After purchasing and completing that puzzle, I was hooked and placed an order for several puzzles available on the Cobblehill site. I was particularly fascinated by the new "Color" series and purchased "Blue" as my first selection. I like puzzles that are visually interesting and unusual and also challenging to put together. "Blue" certainly filled the bill, on both accounts. Time to try another color.

25 January 2017

My wife visited her father yesterday.  He absolutely loves the 275 piece puzzle!  When he woke up the first thing he did was work on the puzzle to put a piece in before breakfast.  He lost track of time and forgot to eat breakfast.  Before he took his nap he warned my wife to not work on the puzzle while he was sleeping and when he woke up he double checked to make sure she didn't.  It must be just the right level of difficulty so that he sees progress and gets fulfillment out of it.  We were also careful to pick out a pattern that had brighter colors, not big areas of one color, nice edges and patterns in the picture.  Since he is half done we ordered two more last night. Steve

23 January 2017

A few months back I purchased the Loon Puzzle from your company.  I have finally completed the puzzle (no pieces missing), which was a bit of a challenge in a good way, glued and framed it.  I have enclosed a few pictures that I thought you might like to see. Thank you very much for offering such wonderful puzzles. Sincerely, J. Edwards

23 January 2017

You say on your flyer that you think you make the best puzzles on the market. Well! I totally agree. The quality of your puzzles is excellent, the boxes you package them in are perfect, your picture selection is good. My own preference is for the 1000 pieces nature and animal themes ( a chocolate lab would be great, since I have two). Your website is very good and your customer service and delivery systems are also very good. That's it. I'm hooked on Cobble Hill puzzles. Thanks! B. Flood

11 January 2017

Just wanted to commend and congratulate your company on producing such high quality images and cut pieces. Just completed "Plenty of Yarn" and was totally impressed! I will be looking for your puzzles when buying! Thank you. J.Matthewson

9 January 2017

Our family tradition is to assemble a puzzle at Christmas when we're all together. Although this particular puzzle is just 500 pcs, we found it one of the most challenging we've done. We love the unique shapes of the pieces and the detail in the picture. This is the second time we've assembled this particular puzzle. It's sad to break it up to put back in the box, but we'll enjoy putting it together again in the future. Regards, S. Willms

7 January 2017

Not too sure if you get a lot of positive feedback or not but I thought I would mention that the quality of your jigsaw puzzles is far superior to other companies in my opinion. Took a little while to get used to the odd piece shape/configuration but the pieces fit perfectly together! Keep up the good work. Will definetely continue to support you! K. Rannankari

3 January 2017

Great puzzle! Great cat :)Seriously love your puzzles!!! 

1 January 2017

I have just completed "Quilts" and as a quilter and an avid puzzler I loved it. I have done many of your puzzles and have enjoyed them all. The images are always delightful and the puzzle shapes are fun. Keep up the good work, I would love to work for you it must be a fun place. Thank you. J. Lewis

31 December 2016

Thank you for making such wonderful puzzles! I first discovered Cobble Hill at a festival that had a puzzle contest and although my team were newbies and awful I got to keep the puzzle and tried it a few years later. Now I'm hooked. I absolutely love the quality/shape/thickness of the pieces and the bright pictures and other puzzles don't compare. I just discovered that someone sells Cobble Hill in my small city and was pleasantly surprised when 2 family members got me the same puzzle for Christmas! I finished the donuts and am just beginning my trade in (the Sugar Overload). Keep up the good work! T. Masi, Steinbach, MB

30 December 2016

My wife and I have just finished this year's Christmas jigsaw puzzle,, which was your company's 'Country Paradise'. I am writing to thank you for producing a fiendishly difficult puzzle that depends mostly on misleading cutting of pieces rather than large swaths of similarly coloured greenery or sky/sea blues to add difficulty. We both think this is probably the best puzzle we can remember doing over the past 35-40 years. We have done more difficult ones over time, but none with the same level of enjoyment throughout the making. Some have taken us weeks to finish as the final 25-30% held no real interest, simply requiring the trying of all possible combinations to find the right piece: and some were never finished. But this one kept us coming back to work on it together or singly until it was done. Certainly one we will pass on to friends who enjoy a good jigsaw. Congratulations on a fine product. A. Thomson

24 December 2016

Your Puzzles are AMAZING and so is the staff at Cobble Hill Puzzle Company.  Thank you so much for the beautiful puzzle you sent me. I was not expecting that at all so when I received the package in the mail I was happily surprised. It was a lovely Christmas Gift and I want you to know it was greatly appreciated. I will begin making it in 2017. It was a great gesture on your part. Thank you again, Cobble Hill. Love your puzzles. Signed, L.Gaffar

20 December 2016

Just wanted to say we do one of your puzzles every Christmas season, it is one of our family traditions. Then we dismantle it and pass on to an elderly shut in man who enjoys them as well. Janell

11 December 2016

Just wanted to say how much we enjoy your puzzles. They are excellent quality and a good challenge. We are currently working on Nancy Drew. Would love it if you made 750 piece puzzles. We have 3 generations that work on a puzzle for each time we visit for a few days. 500 gets completed too quickly and sometimes a 1000 is a little tricky and we don't get it all done. Keep up the great work. R. Blackburn

8 December 2016

I'm a puzzle fanatic. I just bought one of your puzzle for the first time. Job well done. In fact very well done.J. Reid

5 December 2016

I just wanted to tell you that I FINALLY completed the 'More Teacups' puzzle. It is the most difficult puzzle I have ever done. It was great. Thank you! D. Harvey


29 November 2016

I usually receive puzzles that someone else has put together and the puzzle is now missing pieces. I treated myself in the spring and purchased one of your puzzles - just a 500 piece, but I loved the picture. I wanted to let you know that I have never had a nicer puzzle to put together and the picture on the puzzle is just a nice and lovely as the box cover. Thank you for making a great product. J. Barratt

22 September 2016

I am the director of the Senior Center here and just wanted to let you know that your puzzles are the most popular! I believe the vibrant colors and unusual pieces help seniors keep their cognitive abilities sharp, increase dexterity in their hands and create opportunities for socializing. Thank you so much for making such a high-quality product! K. Moore

12 September 2016

I just finished Coyote in the Winter Sage by Robert Bateman. This is now my favorite puzzle. The quality, shapes, colors of your product are the best. I enjoy building this puzzle because it was challenging and fun. R.Klein

5 September 2016

I just wanted to tell you that I FINALLY completed the 'More Teacups' puzzle. It is the most difficult puzzle I have ever done. It was great. Thank you!

13 August 2016

I have to tell you folks that this is by far, the most dastardly puzzle I have ever worked on. We were almost half way through this one before we found the last outside edge piece. Brilliant! Never have I seen such a challenging puzzle. I a a 49 year old dad of two 10 year old girls, one of whom is quite the puzzle whiz. Thanks for the challenge, and some quality time with my daughter. I will be framing this one, and my wife is on the prowl for another, though I will probably order one today!
Andy Misiura
Feel free to use my dastardly remark. I believe it sums up your puzzles....

29 April 2016

Dear sirs, You will never know how glad I was to find puzzles that didn't have every piece looking like a "H".  I think all puzzles should have all kind of shapes so there is something to go by. A lot of old people like working puzzles, but can't tell if they are put together right because they can't tell if they can't see good enough.  A good 1/3 of every puzzle has pieces that will fit in 3 or 4 places and you can hunt for hours to see where the mistake is.  That is not fair in my book.  I congratulate you on cutting different shapes. I just wish the outside of the boxes said if the puzzle was different shapes or all "H"'s.  Thank you!" Marie G., Fairburn, SD

16 March 2016

"Let me tell you, you can become ADDICTED to these puzzles – I’m up until 1 or 2 in the morning putting them together and have to force myself to go to bed!" Sandra in Virginia

4 February 2016

"Hello. I felt like I just had to communicate with you in regards to your jigsaw puzzles. I have done many of your products and I absolutely commend you on your quality, choices of subject and consistency of quality control.  I would love to see more of Ken Zylla's works as there are a lot of his paintings that strike an interest of a time when life seemed to be a lot simpler.  Keep up the excellent work. Respectfully. Jim L. Canada."

25 January 2016

"Dear Cobble Hill, 
I have been completing jigsaws for over 60years now and have never felt the urge to complement a company as to the quality of their puzzles. Well, here I am. I purchased one of your puzzles for the first time as a Christmas present for myself. [Buck and Babe 1000 pieces - indented code P14316] I cannot fault it , from the quality of the picture; colours; cut; thickness of board; feel of the pieces , right to the solid box. I am tickled pink to experience such quality as I have purchased many puzzles over the years, many of which have faltered in quality in certain aspects. I live just north of Mackay, Queensland, Australia. See how far your puzzles are found? Tropical Wet season now and perfect jigsaw weather!  My best wishes to your company. It's the first time I have come across one of your puzzles and I'll be seeking out more in the future. It's refreshing to see such a high quality product on the market.  Yours, Ms Maureen M." Queensland, Australia

21 January 2016

"Wow! After about 3 weeks my wife and I completed the "Two for the Road " Lance Russwurm puzzle. It drove me crazy to say the least. The hardest puzzle I have ever attempted. It is beautiful. I suggest you carry more Harley motorcycle puzzles. I think they would be a big seller for you. Thanks for a very good quality product. God bless you. Steve" Steve R., Piedmont, SC

19 January 2016

"My sister gave me your Doughnuts 1000 piece puzzle for Christmas. I worked it last week and LOVED it! The shapes are so interesting and make it a great, fun challenge. There were several times I finally found the piece I needed and could not believe that I didn't see it before then. The puzzle was very colorful, interesting, challenging, well-made and so much fun to work.
Thank you for such a wonderful product!!"  Tammy P., Henrico, VA

15 January 2016

"I received Adirondack Birds for Christmas, my first Cobble Hills puzzle, I want to let you know that I found it relaxing yet challenging, thank you. The quality of the pieces were above some of the other puzzles I have done. I enjoyed that there were some pieces that were odd shaped to make it a little challenging. For sure I will be on the hunt for another, thanks again." Judy F. St. Albert, AB

6 January 2016

"Just finished Tis the Season which I rec'd as a gift----LOVE the way it breaks up when the puzzle is done. That's always sort of a chore to break up the puzzle til next time, but yours is effortless-----probably a good reason to leave my Springbok puzzles . . ." Elizabeth K, Doylestown, PA

3 January 2016

"Just wanted to pass on a compliment - this is the highest quality puzzle that I have ever purchased.  Love the matte finish of the pieces and the slightly curved finished edges - made it a total pleasure to put together! Such a nice puzzle that I'm going to frame it and hang it on the wall!"  Vivian S., Great Blue Heron by Robert Bateman

4 August 2015

"Love your puzzles. After many years away from puzzling yours just happened to be one I picked to start again. Crossroads was so much fun to do that I ordered Away from it all. I would love to see you print some Newfoundland dog picture and art by Mia Lane. People in the dog world love her work but can't seem to find it....." Patricia, Philadelphia, PA

*Note from Cobble Hill: In 2015, we did introduce one Mia Lane puzzle called "Companions".

4 August 2015

 "I really enjoyed making the puzzle [Pelicans]. It was hard and kept me interested. It was a gift from my son who has made puzzles with his sister and I since they were very young." Sharon, Santa Cruz, CA

8 June 2015

"I have purchased a couple of your puzzles and just wanted to let you know they are quite beautiful and lots of fun to complete. Will be buying more." Tobi F, Ottawa, ON 

16 May 2015

"Just want to say that my boyfriend and I just purchased a Cobble Hill puzzle and can't get enough of it. The craftmanship is amazing, the pictures are vivid. Your company is top notch. Thanks!!" Genie K, Selligman, AZ

26 April 2015

"Just finished your puzzle The Old Coach Inn. It was the most difficult and challenging puzzle I have ever worked. I will be 80 years young in 2 weeks and to say I was frustrated frequently while working this puzzle is an understatement but rewarding.

I just wanted to share this with you and intend to purchase more of your unique puzzles." Lenore R., Cummings, GA


15 April 2015

"It [Wide-eyed Fishies] was a very enjoyable puzzle, stimulates the brain with different size pieces.  Thank you." Karen G., from Hamilton, ON'

6 April 2015

"Your puzzles have provided countless hours of fun shared with several generations of family who gather throughout the year at my mom's home in Florida. I have one of your puzzles "on the go" at all times in Kingston. Cobble Hill is the best in my opinion. Congratulations on always coming up with great images! Love the new Nancy Drew theme and many of the new 2015 puzzles.  I would like to suggest a puzzle (1000pc) with "Barbie" dolls as theme. I am of the generation who owned several and they had many different outfits!

Catherine" Catherine, R., Kingston, ON

6 April 2015

"Dear Puzzle Friends, I just finished your puzzle of flowers in a basket.  It is absolutely the most beautiful puzzle I have ever worked! I especially enjoyed the shapes.  Thank you so much for your details to each section.  Thank you." Rosemary W., from Kerrville, TX

3 April 2015

"I do a puzzle every year at Christmas time. This year my wife gave me Adirondack Birds as a gift. She hadn't heard of your company before.  She searched a number of stores for a good puzzle and chose yours.
That was the best puzzle that I have ever worked on.
Superb quality of material and cutting of the pieces, wonderful mixture of random shapes and a beautiful scene. A pleasurable challenge from start to finish.
Can't wait for the next one!" Scott M., email

30 March 2015

-I'm a big fan of the texture on the pieces. It's something I've seen on higher quality board games from Fantasy Flight, but I was impressed to see it used on a puzzle. It makes it a bit easier to get a grip on smaller pieces and is just plain aesthetically pleasing.

-The shapes of the pieces are outstanding. It was nice to see more than the typical, iconic "puzzle piece" that I'm used to seeing. 

-This puzzle in particular was a lot of fun. Most of the subject matter was blue, so it added a bit more challenge to sort by texture design instead of colour. 

-Piece quality is great. The cuts for the pieces are very well done. There weren't pieces that were pre-attached in the box and each piece was pretty solid-feeling. I never felt like any piece was delicate.

-There was a design covering the corner of the image on the box. This pretty much meant that a segment of the puzzle was an unknown. It may have been by design, but the last puzzle my wife and I completed had a separate print-off of the puzzle image. I think that's the only thing I would suggest for improvement. 

On a separate note, have you considered a "hint" app for phones? It seems like a pretty straightforward computer vision problem to identify a piece and tell a puzzler where it belongs. Definitely not required, but it seems like it could be an interesting selling point. " Jake from Halifax, NS

24 March 2015

"We purchased our first family puzzle and it was amazing!! I love that I could work on the puzzle with my 6 year year old and we were both equally challenged! I do with that the large format pieces took up more of the puzzle though... My son was done the part he could manage way before I was ;)" Morgan from Calgary, AB

22 March 2015

"Plenty of Yarn - My husband gave me this lovely puzzle as a birthday gift a couple of weeks ago and I just wanted to let you know that I had a fabulous time doing it. The colours, the picture, the way the puzzle pieces are cut - all great. I'm a fan! I'm going to my local store this afternoon to see if they have any more of your puzzles!" Christine from Toronto, ON


2 February 2015

"I am writing to acknowledge the quality and workmanship of your puzzles. I have purchased and completed both the Halloween Buddies and Hockey Night. The pieces are easy to handle and they are well made. I had no trouble framing the puzzles and they look terrific." Theresa M., Yonkers, NY

3 January 2015

"My wife & I have just completed 'Rustic Retreat' puzzle. We'd like to purchase more 1000 piece puzzles if they would have the same style of 'convoluted' ( aka diabolical !) shapes. Do your other 1000pc puzzles has similarly shaped pieces?" Michael Hughes, email

29 July 2014

"We love your puzzles. We have done puzzles for a long time and recently discovered Cobble Hill.  We have completed 6 or 7 by now and enjoyed every one.  The "Ghost of the North" is the most challenging puzzle we have had for quite a while." Don from Redding, CA

21 July 2014

"I bought our first Cobble Hill Puzzle at a Yard Sale & was impressed to find out it was for the family.  We all enjoyed putting it together better than any puzzle we have ever completed.  We have 2 teenagers & they too had fun with "Late For The Bus".  I will always keep this puzzle & recommend it to others.  Great idea having different sizes & shapes.  I will inquire where to buy another one?" Kathy T., Farmington, MO

2 June 2014

"Cobble Hill puzzles will always be my go-to puzzle brand. Your unique puzzle shapes have amused me to no end (and some of them, I admit, had me thrown into a serious laughing fit with how quirky the pieces are). The pictures themselves are all so beautiful and strikingly vivid that it really does look like a painting after you\'ve framed it and hung it on your wall. The \'clicks\' of each puzzle falling into place is so addicting and quite therapeutic that I can keep on solving up to the wee hours of the morning and not notice. Plus, the print itself, and the texture of the puzzle is just amazing. I can actually work under bright lights without any of the pieces hurting my eyes because of the strong glare! These reasons had me swear my loyalty to Cobble Hill, because once you\'ve had the best, you can never really go back. Thank you. :)" Valerie B., Dublin, CA

23 May 2014

"I work about 150 puzzles a year and Cobble Hill Puzzles are the best by far.  The all around workmanship of their puzzles is great.  Thank you for your outstanding job in creating great puzzles.  I would like to see more military (in the air and at sea) puzzles, if possible." Terry H., Brownsburg, IN

25 February 2014

"I just opened up Laundry Line. I am thrilled with the thickness of the paper. Some company's puzzles pieces are so flimsy they are hard to pick up and bend easily. I am sure to be a repeat customer from your site from now on. Thank you." Mrs. W., Longview, WA

20 February 2014

"We have purchased a number of your easy handling puzzles for our seniors programs.  They love to work on the puzzles because each piece is a unique shape and will only fit in the one, right spot.  The pieces are larger (which is helpful for arthritic hands) and the number of pieces is not so great that it takes too long to complete.  Great job.  Thank you." Lorna T., Wendat Community Programs Midland, Ontario, Canada

8 February 2014

"Dear Cobble Hill People, I have been doing jigsaw puzzles for over 70 years, and recently received one of yours (Welcome To My Garden) as a gift.  What a charming puzzle!  I want to thank you for the many enjoyable hours spent putting it together.  I will definitely be on the lookout for Cobble Hill when shopping again for puzzles.  Thanks again!" Mary G., Mukilteo, WA

3 February 2014

"Cobble Hill Puzzle Co., I used to think Ravensburger made the best puzzles, but you top them!!  I'm a puzzleholic and got 3 of your puzzles for Christmas - the first time I had done any of them.  They have to be the best on the market!  I'll certainly be frequenting the local store that sells them now.  Keep up the good work.  Barb."  Barb S., Vernon, BC

8 January 2014

"I was a big jigsaw puzzle enthusiast as a child. It was my favourite rainy day pastime at my cottage. Today's modern, flimsy, poorly cut puzzles had prevented me from wanting to purchase them. Thank you so much for the classic quality of your puzzles. I will be buying them again in the future!" Wendy, Ottawa, ON

8 January 2014

"I have been a puzzler since I was a child. We always had a puzzle on the dinning room table.  Now as a grandmother of 4. I share my puzzling with the little ones.  With your Family Puzzles we can all participate   Four generations puzzling at once.  We got a Find the Differnce Family puzzle for Christmas.  It is was so great to be able to get the kids and parents away from their IPods and phones for a whole afternoon..  We giggled and had a great time.  From the 3 year old to the 90 yr old.  Thank you for the great new form of puzzles." Carol F., Edmnonton, AB

6 January 2014

"I own many Cobble Hill Puzzles.  They are all such high quality.  The colors are brilliant and true, the themes bring back lots of great memories, and the linen, durable material does beautifully when framed.  Your puzzles are some of the best available.  I do have a suggestion:  please include a reprint of the puzzle in with each puzzle.  One of the most challenging things when puzzling is keeping the box upright so the picture can be seen .  Puzzle boxes are notorious for falling over and off the puzzling table.  A reprint in a 8 x 10\" or 12x 16\" format would help so much.  Put your logo next to, not on the picture so as not to obscure the full photo.  Your box photo always has the bottom right corner covered with your logo, making that part of the puzzle harder to assemble and makes accurate sorting of pieces usually impossible." Carol B., Casper, WY

30 December 2013

"To All:  Words can't express how wonderful your puzzle was to work! It's my first one from Cobble Hill.  We had visited family in Maryland over the Thanksgiving holiday and had done some shopping.  I happened to come across the puzzle "Back to the Barn". My husband loves it too!!  He's actually going to frame it.  I don't know if your brand is sold here in Boone, NC, but if not, you need them here.  I have worked on it for a week and is now finished.  I just retired and found I have more time on my hands.  It was a perfect time to start enjoying things I've always loved to do!  Thanks again for your quality and demanding time puzzles!!!" Linda S., Boone, NC

10 December 2013

"I just want you to know that my husband and I have been doing puzzles for a long time.  We have enjoyed all kinds of puzzles but your puzzles are exceptional.  We love the texture and the colours are so vibrant.  Putting the [puzzle] together is so much fun because they stay in place.  Just great!" Lise L., Ottawa, ON

21 November 2013

"Hello! I just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you. I find puzzles to be relaxing and challenging, and a definitely good wind down after work or night in. The first of your puzzles I bought was the doughnuts one, which I then lent to my mother, who finished it and lent it to my sister, who then lent it to my other sister. Now we all buy and exchange your puzzles with each other. We love the repeated items ones (ice cream, cupcakes, tea cups and saucers, candy, yarn, etc). I am always on the lookout for similar puzzles and can't wait to see what you come up with next. I would love to see something like different old clocks, candles, toys, single flowers in different vases, glassware with different liquids, baking ingredients. Of course, your art department probably has hundreds of these and better ideas! I apologize for taking up so much time, but I just wanted to let someone know how very much I, and my family, appreciate and enjoy your puzzles. I have not hesitated to pass them around to my friends as well, I think yours are the best puzzles on the market. Thank you so much." Meaghan M., avid puzzler from Toronto, ON

14 November 2013

"Our family really enjoys puzzles, so we would like to compliment Cobble Hill for keeping the "Big Box" alive. Most puzzles use a small box and the picture is of course small. Now just get rid of the Cobble Hill medallion at the bottom of the picture. Thank you."   Bruce A., Georgetown, TX

7 November 2013

"I love the quality of your puzzles.  The colors and finish of them is great.  Thank you for excellent craftmanship." Paula, Panama City, FL

25 October 2013

"I've spent many hours working on jigsaw puzzles - from early childhood to present state of senior citizen.  My friends and I "recycle" puzzles - we find them at thrift stores and yard sales.  We are addicted.  This past week I've worked on a Canadian Geographic one:  Green Heron.  It's quite a challenge, but the quality of the pieces is superb!  So easy to work with slightly arthritic fingers.  This pass time far surpasses staring at a computer screen for entertainment.  Thanks for enhancing one of my favorite passtimes.  Long live jigsaws!! " Dolly B., Kamloops, BC

5 August 2013

"Dear Puzzle Makers, This is a thank you note.  I am an inveterate puzzle fan and have been since a small child, which was a very long time ago.  In the past year I have had the pleasure of working 2 of your puzzles.  Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed them.  The first one I worked was "Father Christmas".  A real challenge.  You put me to the test on that one.  The second was "Donuts" and I can't remember when I've enjoyed working a puzzle more than that one.  I went on to your website and discovered you have other puzzles similar to "Donuts" and I'm going to seek them out.  Maybe I'll just go on-line and get them from you if I can't find them in my local stores.  After working the "Donuts" puzzle I realized just how much I like that style of puzzle.  So I'm going to eventually get "China Collage", "Cupcake and Saucer", "Ice Cream", "Tea Cups" and "Tea Pots".  My family is always asking me for birthday and Christmas suggestions and I'm giving them the information to your way or the other, I'll get those puzzles.  Thank you for your creativity and wide selection.  You have a terrific collection of 1000 piece puzzles which are my most favorite.  I look forward to many more happy hours with your amazing puzzles. " Marie N., Spartanburg, SC

22 July 2013

"Dear sir, I am a 92 year old senior citizen who loves putting puzzles together.  As of this date I've assembled 19 Cobble Hill puzzles, each one a bigger challenge than the one before.  My first puzzle was a gift from my daughter.  She knew how much I enjoyed the challenge so since then she has kept me supplied.  I would make each one a picture, but don't have the wall space.  So, keep making them for me the die hard and others who are puzzle addicts.  Thank you.  God Bless."  Elaine H., Spokane Valley, WA

7 July 2013

"My prize puzzle arrived today [Last Day Shopping, 1000 piece].  Thank you so much.  I just finished and glued to hang a puzzle yesterday (after years of simply putting together and then taking apart puzzles we have now been gluing them and wallpapering our garage with them).  So I'm ready for a new one.  Starting in 2005 I have had 6 major joint replacements and doing puzzles helps me through the rehab time when mobility is an issue.  Though I've (we've) always enjoyed putting puzzles together even when the kids were being raised.  We would put one up on our screened in porch and all work on it.  I love the quality and artistic value of Cobble Hill puzzles.  Thanks again." --Kay C., North Judson, IN

5 July 2013

"I'm writing as I'm so pleased with my 3 puzzles.  The coloring is so good.  I have 1. General Store, 2. Apple Pie Kitchen, 3. Christmas Ornaments.  Now 3. is a little dark for me and I had one cataract done and hope to get the other one done by September.  I'm 85 years old and love the big pieces.  I've done puzzles for years so I know yours are the best.  Sincerely, Ilene." --Ilene C., Ingersoll, ON

2 July 2013

"I'm so pleased I won one of your great puzzles! They are my favourites! So many wonderful ones to choose from but when I saw "Harvards Up Early" I knew that had to be the one! Brought me back to my days in the Canadian Airforce! Great looking planes but LOUD!  Thanks again! Looking forward to receiving it!"  William M., Markham, ON

20 May 2013

I rec'd my 1st Cobble Hill puzzle for Christmas.. Childs play?   Right?.. Wrong!..  Lesser puzzles have a pattern.  In..Out.. In..Out.. Cobble Hill pattern is,.. there is no pattern!.. Even the linen finish has no pattern... It is now May, and today I won!.. I'm going to have a beer to celebrate!.. 'Don't want you to know how many times I cussed you!.. But,  I forgive you!..  Good Job!..  Cheers!.. 'Going to give Cobble Hill Puzzles at Christmas to people I really don't like! Gerry T., Kitchener, ON

17 May 2013

"I recently purchased my first Cobble Hill jigsaw puzzle. What a wonderful surprise!! Such high quality! I love the thickness of the pieces and the finish! The pieces fit together perfectly. Nice and snug. It is truly a pleasure to work with!  Could you explain something though. When I went to your web site to view your other puzzles, I saw the "Doughnut" puzzle I purchased. Yours is listed as a 1000 piece puzzle. The one I purchased is 500 pieces. Are there 2 versions of the same puzzle? I would be interested in that!I will definitely be buying more of your puzzles! You can be very proud of your product!! Thank you very much!  Frances Q, a very satisfied customer" --Frances Q., Tonawanda, NY

*Note:  Some stores special order puzzles from Cobble Hill in various piece counts, even with a different box shape (often square vs rectangular).  Our apologies if this causes anyone confusion.  Thank you!

3 May 2013

"Hi Folks, I recently completed your Puzzle "Postcards from Home", Linda Picken, 1000 pcs, I really enjoyed it.  It was bright & cheery & interesting to work on.  The variety of pieces (shapes) made it a bit more interesting.  Congratulations on a very good product.  I'll be keeping an eye out for more 'Cobble Hill' Puzzles.  Sincerely, Joyce N.  P.S. I've been enjoying puzzles for over 68 years (since age of 5) Thanks again!" -- Joyce N., Palgrave, ON

*Note: Postcards from Home is discontinued.  Click here to see Linda Picken's 'Country Chickens', 1000 piece puzzle.

22 April 2013

"I just wanted to compliment you on the wonderful puzzles you supply and make.  Since my retirement, I have become a dedicated jigsaw puzzle fan, and am in the process of completing my 6th puzzle.  This one will be another one for my daughter.  I thoroughly enjoy doing your puzzles, the best ever!  You mentioned in my last order that there was a contest to add or suggest new categories of puzzles.  Is that contest still ongoing, and if so, how do I submit a suggestion.  Thanks again for providing such great entertainment." -Sharon S., San Antonio, TX

19 April 2013

"I just wanted to say that I have done (and purchased) A LOT of puzzles in my life but I will never again purchase one from any other company but Cobble Hill. Your puzzles are amazing - the quality, the sizes, the variety. I love the family puzzle for doing with my kids and I love the variety of 1000 pieces puzzles for myself. Wonderful!" --Seren, Calgary, AB

3 April 2013

"Title: Your Customer Service is Top Shelf.   Thank You for replacing the puzzle I had recently purchased. I have just completed it and ready to frame. I will be purchasing another shortly. After speaking to the Owner via phone, I explained my situation and a new puzzle was received promptly. I can't say how much I appreciate this sort of service. Keep up the great work your company does. Compliments to the artists as well....." --Donna F, Rochester, MA

25 March 2013

"Just wanted to let you know that even though I’m not doing the survey, I found your products wonderful, and the kids loved creating their own puzzles.  I have already recommended you to others, and look forward to doing business with you in the future, should the need arise."  --Tanya, online order on

8 March 2013

"We (my sister, my husband & myself) just completed the Teapots 1000 piece puzzle!  The puzzle is very well made and the picture very striking.  Very high quality puzzle and pieces, will definitely be doing more of your puzzles in the future.  Thank you!" --Bonnie, K., Calgary, AB

6 March 2013

"Dear Sir, The wife and I really enjoyed put[t]ing the puzzle together.  Nice puzzle." --G.Pitman., Yarmouth, NS (*Note: Dear Mr. Pitman, we're delighted that you wrote to us!  If you happen upon our website, please do share which puzzle you enjoyed so well; we're so curious!)

2 March 2013

"Dear Sirs; I just finished the puzzle "Next Stop".  I have done many of your puzzles, and enjoy doing them as the pieces are easy to pick up and put together.  I'm 90 years old and hope to continue doing them.  Sincerely, Ms. Edna P" --Edna P., Kelowna, BC

17 February 2013

"I have just discovered your puzzles at our little hardware store.  They are the most wonderful puzzles to make!!!  I have been making puzzles since I was very young.  It started with my Grandma she would always have a puzzle going and we lived two doors down on the family farm land.  I would walk over and enjoy making puzzles with her. I even have one of her puzzles that is made of wood and two sided!!  I am now 64 so I have made quite a few....Your puzzles are well worth the price and I love the cut and the matt type finish.  They interlock very well too.  Just had to let you know you are now my most favorite company to buy from.  It's 16 below this morning and sunny soo a great day to stay inside and make a puzzle!!  Thank you, Barbara S" -- Barbara S., St. Geramin, WI

Click to see our Easy Handling 275 piece 'Vintage Tools' puzzle.  Maybe it's at a hardware store near you!

16 February 2013

"Hi Cobble Hill Puzzle Company, my name is John. I have stumbled upon a puzzle named "Colourful Candy". It is one of the nicest puzzles I've ever attempted. Thank you for the awesome quality and detail put into the puzzles!"  --John, Victoria, BC

29 January 2013

"Dear Puzzle Friend,

I just finished putting together one of your puzzles, "Spring Warblers".  It was so much fun finding each bird.  You[r] puzzle was very easy to work with and such beautiful colors.  I enjoyed it so much.  I am 74 and live alone so much of my day I work on puzzles.  I have never seen a Cobble Hill puzzle.  It was a gift from Minnesota.  I will be looking for them in the future.  Thank you, Beverly" --Beverly R., Defuniak Springs, FL

Click to see our new 500 piece puzzle Blackburnian Warblers  (Spring Warblers is discontinued)

25 January 2013

"Cobble Hill Puzzle Co,

I purchased the puzzle "Teamwork" from the Internet in December 2012.  It was so enjoyable I have put it together twice.  Such a peaceful contented feeling is given when you have it together.  I am 84 years old so I use the large piece puzzle.  Thank you for a very good quality item.  Sincerely, Mrs. Lorene W." --Lorene W., Hastings, MI

25 January 2013

I recently bought one of the 400 piece family puzzles (Noah's ark) and was having great fun assembling it with some 6 year old kids.  It turns out that I have the exact same skill level as they do and we were fighting for the large pieces.  LOL Can you please tell me what puzzles have the same large size pieces as the large ones in the family puzzles?  And it can also be smaller than 400 pieces.  The children and I are going to build up our skills together!! Thank you for any assistance you can supply."  --Peggy N., Eagleville, PA

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