Telepaths - Doing Business Differently

And Game Review Link from Casual Game Revolution Magazine
23 February 2017

Nearly three years ago from today, Dave Manga, our fearless leader reported in Manga's Blog about Outset's first acquisition!  The blog was about the family fun party game, Telepaths, that we initially licensed from the inventor back in 2004.  Side note: Brian Larson, the inventor, is a Vancouver based violinist - how's that for motivation to try anything and believe in yourself!  After some design changes on Telepaths and a few reprints, we stopped selling the game. But flash forward to 2014 and one finds that this matching game of crazy connections and logical links was the start of doing business differently at Outset.  It was our first acquisition. 

As Dave discussed in his blog, prior to this game we were only licensing a couple of games.  After Telepaths, things changed and we began looking at inventors differently.   So much so that for the first time ever, Dave attended ChiTag in November 2016. Read more about that in Dave's, "2016 Year in Review" blog.  We even took down our web page to Game Inventor's that apologetically declined hearing from them!  

And as a great reminder of our changing times, we just received a review for Telepaths from a great magazine, Casual Game Revolution. We sent this game to them awhile back for review and they found the perfect time to review it.  You can take a look at the pros and cons of Telepaths through their experienced eyes.  Check out their appropriately titled blog, "Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking? A Review of Telepaths."

And play the game!