Summer Scene Contest

Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby
31 May 2017

Summer weather may not be upon us yet, but that isn't stopping puzzle fans from starting on their summer scene puzzles!  There is a contest afoot and puzzlers are assembling puzzles of water scenes, summer food, air balloons and any activity one would do in the summer.  Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby will be giving away three puzzles to the puzzlers who complete the most summer scene puzzles in the month of June - sponsored by Cobble Hill Puzzle Co.

The secret symbol was emailed to contestants on June 1st.  If you've never partaken in a jigsaw contest, then the idea of a secret symbol may be foreign.  The secret symbol is used to keep puzzlers from submitting puzzles that were completed prior to the start of the contest.  An every day object is announced to contestants and they must take progress pictures of their puzzle with the secret symbol object included in the photo.  It's a fun way to participate in the contest and makes you feel like you're really assembling puzzles with others, individually, but somehow as a group!  

We are sure there will be more puzzle contests from Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby if you missed this one, so check in on their "What's New" blog and join their community on Facebook.  You can also stay in touch with Cobble Hill's Facebook page as they promote Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby's contests.

Take a look at these fun summer puzzles from Cobble Hill...

Family Picnic, 1000 piece                                      Teddy Bear Picnic, 500 piece