Sneak Peek at the Rainbow Collection!

Why wait for a rainy day to see a rainbow?
15 November 2016

We're super excited to launch our colourful new Rainbow Collection collage of 1000 piece puzzles for 2017! Our Creative Art Director, Allegra Vernon, had the ambitious idea to once again collaborate with local Victoria artist, Shelley Davies, to produce seven 1000 piece puzzles that collectively create one big rainbow puzzle when completed and aligned next to each other.  This Rainbow Collection will span 15 feet 6 inches when completely put together - no more waiting for a rainy day to experience a rainbow in your life!

Here's a sneak peek at, "Pink":

A fun tidbit about the puzzles from the Rainbow Collection is that each puzzle has the same object in it that identifies Shelley Davies, the artist.  Collect them all and find the connecting link!

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To buy these puzzles, see the list of Preferred Retailers who can order them for you to enjoy in 2016!