Puzzle Bloggers

23 October 2018

There are lots of different bloggers out there talking about everything from chicken noodle soup to the latest tech gadget. But, there are also bloggers who focus on one main theme - like jigsaw puzzle bloggers.  They may have different reasons for why they do what they do, but they all love jigsaw puzzles, so they write about it. We're going to mention a couple that we enjoy and why we recommend them.

Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby.  We enjoy this puzzle blog because the person who runs it, Linda Richard, is so rooted in the puzzle community and really has a passion for puzzles. But, she doesn't just enjoy puzzles for herself, she actually wants to connect puzzlers together so that they can all enjoy the hobby together. Her website is full of reviews for various brands with a lot of different themed puzzle images. You can get great honest reviews from her with wonderful photos of her process for assembling the puzzles. Not only does she review them, but as an enthusiast and entrepreneur, she has created a Puzzle Hobby Tracker that allows puzzlers to keep track of the brand, how they rated the puzzle, the picture of it, how many pieces, notes and more!  It's available on her website for sale as a download, so you can start keeping track of your memories right away!  Beyond reviews of puzzles, she'll give you information on accessories and things like how to preserve a puzzle with or without glue, boards, lighting, etc.. You can really gain a lot of knowledge from reading through all her links.  But, we also recommend joining her Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby group on Facebook. She'll often host fun closed group events, so if you join the main Facebook page, you'll stay up to date on other upcoming events that you can join for more fun with other puzzlers.  Linda is definitely an All-Star puzzler, so we hope you enjoy her website and Facebook groups.
Recommended if you are looking to get rooted into a puzzle community and learn more about puzzles.

Jigsaw Junkies. This is probably one of the first puzzle blogs that we followed years ago. Jane does a great job of giving reviews for a lot of different puzzle brands and she'll point you to Puzzle Warehouse to purchase puzzles that you might enjoy after reading her review, so you're never lost on where to find the puzzle.  You'll also find puzzle deals, like Buy 2 Get 1 Free, which is always a great perk for a puzzle addict!  If you're the kind of person who enjoys lists, you'll appreciate her many Top Ten lists that may be by brand of puzzle or by season.  However, one of our favourite features about her website is the Brand Comparison chart and write-ups. She breaks down the puzzle brand into various scores for Box, Piece Thickness, Piect Fit, Image Variety, etc.. You can see a summary sheet as well as more details for each brand. The ratings include puzzles from Europe and North America, as well as a few from Asia. She'll also post about new puzzles that a company releases for the year, so if you're on the hunt for something you haven't yet seen, check those posts.  
Recommended if you are looking for puzzle deals and an overview of puzzle brands.

My Jigsaw Journal. If you love puzzles or are just starting out in this "life in pieces", you'll love reading Stacey's posts. Her blog's headliner is, "A jigsaw puzzle blog for passionate puzzlers written by a puzzle geek". We like her blog because it's a no fuss website with down and dirty information about puzzles that she assembles each month. The top of her website lists completed puzzles for the year, if you want to get a snapshot of what she has done for the month. However, if you want more in depth information for puzzles, then be sure to check out her Archived Posts for more details. She does a great job of giving you the pleasantries, but she may also throw out some puzzler vocabulary that you have never heard of like, "ballerinas" (2 prong, 2 holes). One of her amazing feats is the completion of Ravensburger's 10 scene Disney puzzle with over 40,000 pieces! Yikes! And in 2018, she has already completed over 88,000 pieces and over 200 puzzles, which does not include the massive Disney puzzle. She's an accomplished puzzler and we think you'll enjoy her down to earth writing style.
Recommended if you are looking for a good read and variety of images.