How Smart Are Canadian Families?

David Manga, the inventor of Canadian Trivia is on a mission to find out!
May 3, 2012

Victoria, BC - Could the average Canadian family name the three Prairie Provinces? Or, how about naming Canada’s first prime minister? Not too hard to answer!! Well… how many families could find Jerry’s Nose on a map of Canada? David Manga is on a mission to find out!

It all started when a fourth year university student David Manga found it irksome that he knew more about American history than Canadian history, and decided to do something about it! At the young age of 23, he set to work creating his first board game, called the All Canadian Trivia Board Game.  The game went on to sell over 100,000 copies, and marked the beginning of David Manga’s career as a leading Canadian board game publisher, through his company Outset Media.

As of July 2012, the newest edition in the Canadian Trivia series will be widely available, retailing for $29.99 in stores across Canada. It is a “Family Edition” designed for families to develop their Canadian knowledge. Family Edition  cards have two sides – one side with easier questions for kids, and the other side with more difficult questions for adults, allowing families of all ages to play together.

Canadian Trivia Family Edition features 1,080 questions for kids and 1,400 questions for adults. The game board is a map of Canada, and players must race across the country answering trivia questions.  Stops on the game board include such oddball locations as Pickle Creek, Flin Flon, Sandspit, and Tuktoyaktuk. The game features 100% Canadian content, and the categories include Geography, History, Arts, and General.

Sample Hard Question
What is known as a “bismark” in Alberta and a “jambuster” in Manitoba?
     A: Jelly Doughnut
Sample Easy Question
What country invaded Canada during the War of 1812?
     A: United States of America
When asked why he created the original Canadian Trivia game back in 1997, David Manga reflected “I realized after playing Trivial Pursuit® countless times I had learned more about the States than about Canada. Later that day I went looking for a trivia game just about Canada, and I couldn’t find one, so the next day I started writing questions.”

Outset Media now distributes over 100 different board games. With the release of new Family Edition, Canadian Trivia is once again set to become Outset Media’s flagship game.  Outset Media’s mission is to develop board games that create wonderful social experiences. Whether it is quality family time, an evening out with friends, or educational games to promote learning, board games are an important way to help cultivate learning and healthy social interaction.

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