World Puzzle Day

World Puzzle Day is an interesting event. Founded in 2013 by Günther Simetsberger of Austria, this year marks the event’s 7th season. Unlike what the name might suggest, the event is held over a two-month period. Competitors (let’s call them puzzlers) from around the world compete to assemble as many puzzles as possible. Puzzlers are ranked based on the total number of pieces they assemble.

This year’s competition just ended on March 1, 2019. Here are some interesting stats - there were 299 puzzlers representing an impressive 36 different countries. Combined, the participants assembled 3,620 puzzles from 272 different manufacturers, for a grand total of 4,270,964 puzzle pieces.


I had to read this a couple of times, just to make sure I wasn’t misunderstanding something. There were 272 different puzzle manufacturers that had puzzles assembled in World Puzzle Day!?! TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-TWO!!! I nearly fell out of my chair. That is incredible. Who knew there were so many puzzle brands out there.

This story gets even better. Puzzle brands are ranked for World Puzzle Day, and guess what… of these 272 different brands, Cobble Hill Puzzle was ranked the 9th puzzle brand overall. And we had the highest ranking of any North American puzzle brand, and the only North American puzzle brand to crack the “Top 10”. That is simply incredible!

Here is a list of the top 10 puzzle brands:

1. Ravensburger
2. Castorland
3. Heye
4. Educa
5. Clementoni
6. Trefl
7. Anatolian
8. Jumbo
9. Cobble Hill
10. Schmidt

And before you think there must have been an awful lot of Canadians competing in the event, pulling up Cobble Hill Puzzle’s rankings with the hometown advantage - there weren’t - there were just 6 puzzlers from Canada. This compares to 36 puzzlers from Russia, 35 puzzlers from the United States, 26 puzzlers from Spain, 24 puzzlers for Turkey, and 22 puzzlers from Poland. In fact, there were 14 countries with more participants than Canada. This makes our ranking even more impressive!

Many thanks to Günther Simetsberger for putting on this great event!

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