My New Year's Resolution

Dave Manga running the Oak Bay race

It has been a long time since I last blogged.  A very long time!  It was over 20 months ago, or 628 days to be more precise.  The topic was our first acquisition, which was a board game called Telepaths.

Our sales grew over 30% last year.  Managing that size of growth is challenging.  And not only did we grow, we introduced a robust selection of new games and puzzles, we began planning our move to a new larger warehouse, and we grew our staff too.  In other words, we were busy!

As I am sure you can all relate - when things get busy, your day becomes more reactionary.  For the last year and a half, it feels like all I have done is jump from one must-do task to the next.  Non-urgent tasks just get delayed… and delayed… and delayed.

It isn’t just writing blogs that get placed on the back-burner.  A more crucial, but still easy-to-delay task when things get busy is long-term strategic planning.  And delaying long-term strategic planning will eventually impact the growth of your company.  While our company may be growing by leaps and bounds now, I want that growth to continue!

It isn’t only work-related tasks that get delayed in a fast growing company.  So do personal activities.

My New Year’s resolution is to spend a little more time being proactive at work.  Not a LOT more time… just a LITTLE more time… just five hours per week!  That means more time preparing for what will be coming down the road in three years, and not just reacting to what needs to be done this week.  Hopefully that also means a little more time for blogging too!  And on the personal side, I am hoping to complete my first marathon this fall!

Wishing everyone a wonderful new year ahead...

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