My first trip to Disneyland

Dave with Kate and Claire

Earlier this month I was finally roped into our first trip to Disneyland.  While incredibly exciting for my three daughters, I was dreading the experience for myself.  After all, what could Disneyland offer a grown man who happens to dislike amusement park rides!

I could not have been more wrong.

Putting aside the characters, the rides, the shows, the food, and the parade - what made Disneyland so enjoyable was that they do everything right.  And it all boils down to the employees.  You can tell within minutes of arriving at Disneyland that employees care.  They want your experience at Disneyland to be a great experience. 

One could write a lengthy list of all the little things Disneyland employees do to make visitors to the park feel appreciated.  Suffice to say; when something is done that well, it is something everyone can appreciate.  That is the true magic of Disney!

We have four core values here at Outset Media, which define the personality of our company.  From the first day that we sold our very first game, I have always made a “Cult of Customer Service” our defining core value.

While comparing our customer service to that of Disneyland may be a stretch, we do want our customers to feel appreciated.  That is why we have been voted “Supplier of the Year” five times by the Neighbourhood Toy Stores of Canada.  I truly believe that it is our customer service that has earned us 16 successful years in business.  We are truly nothing without our customers!

And I can honestly say, this grown-man-who-hates-crowds-and-rides-and-who-would-rather-be-working is looking forward to our next trip to Disneyland.

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Hi Dave: I agree with you 100%! Disneyland certainly does do everything right in terms of treating their customers as valued Guests:-) And....from my families personal experience with Outset Media staff, I can honestly say that your customer service and the overall feel of your company are absolutely top notch!

So pleased you realize the true value and meaning of Disneyland. AND here I thought it was being able to go on a ride by yourself and see how many points you could get in the shooting gallery. Don't forget to take me on your next trip to Disneyland where I can be a kid once more.

There are no words to describe how bodcaoius this is.

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