Time to enter the 21st Century

I’ve always been a technophobe. Programming the date and time into my VCR has thus far eluded me. And yes, I still own a VCR.

But what the heck… we make board games and jigsaw puzzles for a living. It is a great industry for us technology-challenged Neanderthals.

But I can acknowledge that the Internet has changed how we do business. The exchange of ideas, the access to vast amounts of information, and the speed at which this can be accomplished is what makes the Internet such a powerful tool.

Every week or so, I will be posting my thoughts and observations on the toy industry, especially as it relates to two areas of special interest to me - board games and puzzles.

There are many bloggers covering the toy industry in the US. Richard Gottlieb’s blog is fantastic, his comments are always relevant and very insightful. As Outset Media is headquartered in Canada, my comments may tend to focus more on the Canadian toy industry.

Hope you enjoy!

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