Magazines and the game industry

Apparently working for a board game company must sound pretty interesting.  When people find out what I do for a living, it usually prompts a whole host of questions.  Have I ever heard of Settlers of Catan?  What is my favorite game?  Did I invent Trivial Pursuit?  What is that game called in that brown box with those pieces and that board?  But the two questions I get asked the most often are:

Do people really still buy board games?

Do we sell video games?

And when people ask me these two questions, I can usually see genuine sympathy in their eyes – wondering how I was able to afford my three-year-old shoes.  It is easy to understand why.  We constantly hear media reports about how our world is becoming more technology driven.  It is entirely logical that many people assume our industry is shrinking away into oblivion.  Fortunately… people are still buying lots of board games.

In a survey conducted by Leger Marketing earlier this year for the Periodical Marketers of Canada (PMC), it was reported that Canadians still prefer print magazines over electronic magazines.

A full 71% of respondents said they preferred reading print magazines rather than electronic editions.  Only 9% said they preferred electronic magazines.  Likely the remaining 20% had no preference between the two formats.  Reasons for preferring print magazines included the predictable - portability, the tactile experience, and ease of browsing.

“The so-called doomsday scenario that has print magazines doomed to obscurity is just a myth!” says Ray Argyle, executive director of PMC.

Magazines are not board games.  But, the similarities are there.  Yes, electronic magazines do impact printed magazines.  Yes, electronic games do impact traditional board games.  But, television certainly impacted the radio, yet we continue to have strong radio stations which continue to make money.   Even with all the advances in technology, there is still a place in society for magazines, board games, and radio stations.

And for those of you who are concerned, hopefully soon I will be able to buy those new shoes!