Canadian Trivia is back!

Canadian Trivia Family Edition

Outset Media recently launched the newest installment in our series of Canadian Trivia games.  Every year we release around 5 to 10 new board games and card games, but this game is particularly exciting for me!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the history of Outset Media, I founded the company way back in 1996.  Our first game was called the ‘All Canadian Trivia Board Game’.

Having no knowledge of the board game industry made the process… let’s just say… interesting!  I was only 23 when I founded the company, and in hindsight, what we did was pretty crazy.

It took me just over one year to write the questions, design the game, and have it manufactured.  During that time, I spent a grand total of ZERO minutes conducting market research to see if Canadians really wanted a board game about Canadian trivia.  Purely on a whim, our initial print run was 20,000 units.  I still remember the feeling of complete dread when Trivial Pursuit launched their own Canadian edition the same year our game was first published.

Fortunately, the game went on to become a huge success, selling just shy of 100,000 units.  Subsequent versions of the game included a ‘Junior’ edition, a ‘Millennium’ edition, and a ‘10th Anniversary’ edition.

Looking back on the game’s original design, I am still surprised we managed to sell so many games.  I guess it came down to great timing, hard work, and lots of guerilla marketing. 

Our newest installment in our series of Canadian Trivia games is a ‘Family’ edition. Basically, what we have done is combined an adult game and a junior game.  There are easy questions on one side of the card, and hard questions on the other side of the card.  This way, families can play together.  As always, the content is 100% about Canada.  Players race across a map of Canada, moving ahead on the game board when a question is answered correctly.

We recently filmed a series of videos where local comedian Darren Miller quizzes people ‘on the street’ with questions from Canadian Trivia Family Edition.  The videos are well done and are quite humorous, and we are adding more videos every few weeks.  Click here to watch Canadian Trivia "On The Street" videos!

Hope you enjoy the game.  I always like hearing feedback from people about Canadian Trivia, so if you have anything you want to share – post your comments!


Hi Dave! Brilliant idea to launch this Family Edition of Canadian Trivia! We are delighted to have received 8 of these to give away each week in our 'WOWZA! Winning Wednesdays' Contest leading up to Neighbourhood Toy Store Day on Saturday, November 10 ( Your game is the perfect fit for neighbourhood toy stores like ours which promote fun and learning and encourage family play. Neighbourhood Toy Stores of Canada (NETS)