An Unbelievable 35 Months

Back in June of 2013, we began an exhilarating streak of 35 consecutive monthly sales records… and let me say, it was one interesting journey!  There were some months where the record wasn’t broken until the last day.  It made for some nail-biting times.

As month after month of record sales began to accumulate, I often wondered how I would feel when the streak did come to an end.  We always knew it would happen some day - to expect record sales every month is simply not realistic in the long term.

This past May our streak did come to an end.  We were just one month shy of three consecutive years with record breaking months.  We were sooooooooooooo close!!!

This was to be expected of course.  In May, we began moving our Brampton warehouse to a much larger facility.  Not only did our order processing time slow as racking began to disappear and our warehouse became “chaotically disorganized” as equipment was moved, we were completely shut down for shipping the last 8 business days of the month.

Based on the orders waiting to be shipped, we could have kept the streak going if it were not for our warehouse move.  That does dull the disappointment somewhat.  And I am pleased to see that we should be back on track with another record month this June.  That helps too!  But it still feels a little deflating to be back at month one.

I was in Brampton only for a short period of time to help with the move.  I saw a tremendous amount of effort, dedication, and hard work being spent to pull this off.  When employees work that hard, it means this isn’t just a job.  It means people care immensely about their company, and they care about the future direction of their company.  I want to thank everyone involved for going above and beyond to make this move a success.

I also noticed a few warehouse staff getting teary as the “old” warehouse started to empty out.  I know there were many memories made there.  Our old warehouse has been a second home for a lot of people since it was opened back in 2008.  Our new Bramtree Court warehouse is simply a new chapter as we continue to grow.

Who knows!  Hopefully in 36 months I will be able to write another blog, this time about how we broke our record for three consecutive years! 

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