New! Can't Miss Critic's Corner!

13 May 2019

Hello, Outset Media fans! We’ve been hard at work cooking up something super special and super secret for you in our workshop, and today, we’re finally ready to formally pull back the curtains.

We are proud to announce the launch of our new Critic's Corner section!  

But what is Critic’s Corner? I’m glad you asked! Our new Critic's Corner section is all about fresh and entertaining reviews for the games that YOU care about it!

We’re mostly going to focus on games under the Outset umbrella, but with so many new and exciting games coming out, you never know what we’ll be talking about next! Keep an eye out for classics, Kickstarters, and card games, as well as all the outstanding Outset originals!

Best of all, it’s live on our website NOW! You can check out the first two editions of Critic’s Corner immediately, but we can only recommend it if you like things that are both really cool and awesome!

Satisfy your curiousity now, check out the Critic's Corner today!

Your Pal,