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Langford Gets Its Own Opoly Game
13 May 2019

Langford Opoly is on store shelves! In a partnership between Late for the Sky and Walmart Canada, Outset Media is distributing city themed Opoly games all over the Great White North! CHEK News covers the story!

No more excuses to not venture the city streets of Langford - now you can bring the city inside your home, and maybe even own a few properties if you play it smart!  You can explore Langford properties and its five regions of Colwood, Metchosin, Langford, Highlands, and View Royal in the new Langford Opoly game. But as far as titles go, it was Langford who won the high honours of the board game's name!  

Dave Manga (owner of Outset Media) and Lauren Collicutt lay down the law of Langford Opoly for CHEK News

Lauren Collicutt of Outset Media has been researching popular landmarks in cities across Canada to be featured in a city based Opoly game.  Lauren says, “If you see something with your town on it, you’re gonna say, ‘Oh my Gosh, I’m from there and I totally want this!”

All smiles on set with CHEK News and Lauren Collicutt

Langford Opoly and Victoria Opoly are a couple of new city games to hit the shelves, with more city games coming for Vancouver Island (like Nanaimo Opoly).  While Outset typically caters to independent retailers, these games are exclusively available at Walmart. The games are produced as a partnership between the American company Late For The Sky who decades ago managed to get a special license for these Opoly games - which, as it sounds, are theme based Monopoly games. The Late for the Sky company also produces many other themes including Dog Opoly (and breed specific Opoly games), Fishin Opoly (great Father's Day gift), and Bacon Opoly (for extra sizzle). See all of the Late for the Sky Opoly games distributed by Outset.

We bet you're curious about which properties made the cut - go get the game to find out!

 Langford-opoly is "Big Fun" ! To see more of the game, check out the TV interview on the CHEK News website!