Black-capped chickadee named Vancouver's bird for 2015

13 May 2014

People love birds.  They bring joy with their beautiful songs and chirps.  And indoor cats appreciate the lively entertainment from their windowsill.  So, would anyone be shocked to know more Vancouverites cast their vote for a city bird than they did for their municipal election, by a factor of five?!  We want to know what those birds were "tweeting" to win so many votes!?

So which bird won?  The black-capped chickadee!  Super adorable bird.  The kind you want to hold in your hands and nuzzle your cheeks against.  It's that cute.  

What does this bird have to do with Outset Media? Our What Bird Am I bird species identification game, proudly features this little bird! (click image  to enlarge)

The black-capped chickadee is in our Beginner Level card deck.  There is also an Intermediate and Expert Level deck of cards.  With 300 fantastic photos, we're quite pleased that we included this lovely little bird who now holds the honour of being Vancouver's city bird!

Did you know...?

  • In the autumn, the black-capped chickadee will let old brain neurons die, so that it can replace it with new ones. This allows it to adapt to changes in its social flock and environment.
  • The oldest known wild chickadee lived to be 12 years and 5 months.  That's impressive given the average lifespan is 1.5 years for a female and 1.8 years for a male.
  • Even on the coldest nights of winter, these birds maintain a 107 degree F temperature! 
  • Other than seeds (especially black oiled sunflower seeds), these birds enjoy insect eggs, larvae, and ants.  You may want to invite a black-capped chickadee to your next picnic!

Watch the CBC video announcement below:

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is always good for more information.  Visit them here.