Canadian Toy Fair Ups Its Game

By Toys & Games Magazine
February 4, 2013

Toys & Games Magazine is an oline publication continuing its previous print publication of 37-years. It's written from a distinctive Canadian viewpoint, with independent merchants and suppliers especially in mind. *Note: Games from Outset Media mentioned in the article are products the company distributes in Canada only.  Several companies are highlighted in the article published online, but here is a little snippet about Outset Media:

"B.C.’s Outset Media, another leading supplier and the Canadian distributor for Patch Products, introduced Don’t Rock the Boat, a fun balancing game for youngsters. And if the laughter coming from its booth was any indication, Outset’s new PicWits!, an hilarious, word-association party game for players, 10 years old and over, was also a hit with retailers."

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