Toy Insider 2013 Holiday Guide

Outset Media Product Partners Make the List
22 October 2013

Holiday Guides come out every year by various publications to help people find the hottest or coolest gifts out there.  This Holiday Gift Guide is from The Toy Insider.  Most of the products are from big names like Lego, Hasbro, AirHogs, Mattel, etc..but we found a couple from other formidable companies that we distribute for in Canada. 

SmartLab Toys put out a fantastic product this year with its Demolition Lab toys.  It comes in three different styles, all of them are a blast, literally!  The idea is to stack the illustrated cards around either a quad-blaster or a dual blaster and when the red button gets pressed...kaboom!  The building comes tumbling down.  And, it's not just for kids!  Watch this video to see Sandra from Scholar's Choice having a blast, followed up by Dave's uncontrollable need to blast the MegaSmokestack down. 

MindWare, a brainy fun company who was recently purchased by Oriental Trading Company, a Warren Buffet (Berkshire Hathaway) enterprise, also made the list with PicWits!.  It's a game of using your wits to make the caption fit one of the photos in your hand.  PicWits! has been a favourite amongst our Canadian Retailers who have been stocking the product all year long.  The game lets players use their imagination as well as make judgment calls to decide 'the best answer'. 

Though we'd love for you to peruse the Outset Media website, we suppose you're interested in what else made The Toy Insider Holiday Gift Guide.  You can click this link to head on over to their website (a new window will case you want to stay and take a look at our Best Seller list ;)