Game Review: American Trivia

by Kim Vandenbroucke, The Game Aisle
23 July 2013

Outset Media has been in business since 1996 and we have been fortunate to receive a lot of great reviews from newspaper write-ups, magazines, and game testers for our board games. 

But what makes our most recent review of our board game, American Trivia Family Edition, so wonderful?  It's an honour to us because Kim Vandenbroucke of The Game Aisle is an expert in the game industry.  Her experience not only includes reviewing games for her own website, as well as for various publications, but she also designs games too.  In 2011, the business magazine, Fast Company, interviewed Kim about her process for game design!  She knows her stuff!

Her review of American Trivia Family Edition can be read at the Games for Educators website.

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