National Bird Day, January 5th

Born Free USA includes What Bird Am I? in its photo contest prize giveaway
28 December 2013

Outset Media is proud that its bird species identification game, What Bird Am I, will be included as part of the prize package giveaway in Born Free USA's bird photo contest for National Bird Day on January 5th.  Contestants are invited to submit their bird photos taken in the wild.  Entries will be accepted through end of the day, January 31st.

What is National Bird Day?  Jan. 5, 2013, is the 11th anniversary of National Bird Day, when Born Free USA, a leader in animal welfare and wildlife conservation, shines a spotlight on issues critical to the protection and survival of birds.

The annual campaign focuses on education and action to improve standards of care for birds who have been adopted as pets, to educate consumers about adopting a bird from a shelter or rescue, to stop the international trade in wild birds, and to protect and appreciate birds in the wild.

According to Monica Engebretson, wildlife biologist and senior program associate for Born Free USA: "National Bird Day is about appreciating and protecting all birds. This year’s emphasis is on educating the public about birds as ‘pets’ and reminding people that birds are actually not domesticated animals like cats and dogs. They belong in the wild and it is very challenging to meet their needs in a home environment. They are intelligent, highly social, flight-adapted animals.”  To read the full press release posted on the Examiner, click here.

To enter the contest, please visit the National Bird Day website:

To find more information on how you can help Born Free USA to help animals, visit their website at

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