Huffinton Post Canada 100 Hottest Christmas Toys of 2013

By Diana Mehta of Canadian Press
1 Novembet 2013

The Canadian Toy Association hosted their annual "Hot Toys for the Holidays" at the Toronto Zoo today.  And we're quite certain it was a zoo with over 100 products revealed, media, and families all checking out what made the list!  The true test of hot toys will be to see which ones get discussed in the media event afterwards.  Or, which toys the kids drag their parents to the store for.  

Of the three Outset Media distributed products that are on the "Hot Toys" list, Squigz from Fat Brain Toys was highlighted in the Huffington Post.  This 'suction construction' kit is a toy that really sucks, in a good way! 

 Read the Huffington Post article here.

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