Outset Media What? $250 Game Pack

20 November 2012

Remember how I told you about how Ed was just chalk full of useless information?  Well, I've found the perfect use for all that knowledge with board games for the whole family from Outset Media.  Outset Media has been around since 1996 and is 100% Canadian! Not only that but much of their product is manufactured in Canada and the USA.

I'm the type of consumer that votes with their wallet and that fact makes me really happy and proud.

When I visited their website, a bunch of games jumped out at me and after watching some of their brilliant YouTube videos, I know what I'm taking over to my neighbours for Christmas; Canadian Trivia Family Edition.

Not only because I'd love to learn even more about Canada but because I think that I could actually get a few questions right for once.

Make sure you don't have any milk in your mouth while watching this video. It hurts when it comes out your nose....

To watch the video... click to read the Blog Post from 'Journey to the Zoo'.