Family Scavenger Hunt

Un juego de búsqueda de tesoros para niños y adultos
3 July 2014

If you're on the hunt for new games, then we have the perfect game for your summer entertainment!  Family Scavenger Hunt includes the whole family as no reading is required.  Each card has a picture, and the word, so it makes it easy to know what one is hunting.  

The game can be played in teams of boys vs girls, kids vs adults, family vs family or just one vs one!!  No matter how you play, the game will get you moving in the right direction of fun!  And the great thing is, there are indoor and outdoor cards, so this game will take you into fall, winter, and spring... The fun never ends with Family Scavenger Hunt.

Maria Machuca of Spanish recently reviewed the game.  Visit their website to read the review.