Canadian Toy Association Hot Toys 2013

Toys that suck, go Kaboom, and monkey around...
31 October 2013

The Canadian Toy Association (CTA) is committed to providing Canadian children safe toys.  The toys that make their list are kid approved and tested by families across the country. 

So don't worry, even though this year's list includes SmartLab Toys' Demolition Lab, it's merely sturdy, well illustrated cards that children stack into a building or tower and then blast down with a battery operated blaster.  It's loads of fun and sure to be on every kids wish list.  Take a look at this 21 second video and you'll see how quick and easy it is for a big kid to have fun too!

And our retailer's stores are going wild with this collection of Planet Sock Monkey from Patch.  You'll definitely want to get one of these bold characters before they hightail it out of this planet!  There are six different characters to choose from, or collect them all if you can't decide.  But do it soon because they're Limited Edition soft dolls.

Now here's a toy that really sucks, literally!  Meet Squigz from Fat Brain Toys, a creative little suction construction toy that is offered as a Starter Kit and a Deluxe Kit.  Each little sucker has a name, so kids will enjoy meeting new friends and creating play groups.  Or, maybe they'll just create big buildings, stick them all over the car window, and bathroom mirros... either way, they're sure to have fun with Squigz

Where do you get your hands on these toys?  Visit our Where To Buy section for a list of retailers who stock these CTA Hot Toys!