Eh! It's Canada Day!

What games should we play?
27 June 2017

Canada Day is a time of celebration and thanksgiving!  Every year cities across the nation colour the streets in their red and white threads, face paint and waving flags.  The aroma of street vendors preparing sticky confections and fried foods waft through the air mingling with the sound of cheers and stage performers.  It's a time to be grateful in community, especially in 2017, as Canadians commemorate 150 years of Confederation! Communities will join together to celebrate our diversity and the freedom to live as one nation.

While some will enjoy the day and evening long festivities, others will entertain friends and family with backyard barbecues.  Of course they'll want to do all things Canadian, which includes playing games! So what games should be played on Canada Day?  Let's take a look!

For the adult crowd or play in teams (ages 14+)

Canadian Trivia 150th Limited Edition - a special edition of Canadian Trivia to commemorate the 150th Anniversary!  Play the traditional way or play in teams for large groups or leave cards out as conversation starters. This is THEE perfect game for Canada Day 150!

For the family (ages 8+)

Canada Opoly - this is your classic Opoly game with a Canadian theme!  Take a look at the blog post and pictures from 3 Plus A Bunny!


For kids playing on their own (ages 8+)

Extreme Dot-to-Dot Canada will keep the kids busy while you're preparing the dinner!

For kids playing together or the family (ages 7+)

Professor Noggin's card games are great for siblings or friends to play or for the family as a dinner time game!  There are lots of themes to choose from, but our focus is Canada, so take a look at these cool options for making history fun for everyone!

For the next day when you need quiet time ...

Cobble Hill puzzles! The perfect way to start your Sunday - a high quality puzzle from our Canadian Artist Series!

Now go out and get some games and puzzles from your local retailer! Or call us toll free to find a retailer near you who carries one of these fabulous products!