80's 90's Trivia Game & Movie Trivia Game

Boyce McClain
28 August 2015

Wow, it's hard to believe that the 80's was actually more than three decades ago!  But 80's 90's Trivia Game isn't meant to make players feel old, just smart!  At least that is how blogger Boyce McClain looks at it.  We like his recent review for our trivia games because he puts a nice spin on what happens when he plays... read his article to find out more about these two hot trivia games.

The compact size of these games makes it easy to take to a party or game night at a friend's house. They are also great card games to bring out during the holidays when you have family over and you need to entertain them.  Boyce also mentions the likeability of not having to have electronics involved - no game console or television.  We hope you enjoy them as well as he does!

Visit his website to read the full article.