Mr. Whamond for the Win and Other June Celebrations

5 June 2018

Father's Day, summer solstice, graduating kids... it all happens in June. What an exciting month full of great activities and celebrations! How will you celebrate? Here are a few suggestions and our first one is award winning!

In April, the National Cartoonists Society nominated Dave Whamond, the cartoonist for our Cobble Hill Puzzle Co's "Doodletown: 12 Days of Christmas" 1000 piece puzzle, for a Reuben Award in the category of Advertising / Product Illustration. They announced the winners of all the awards in May and Dave Whamond took home the win for his whimsical cartoon depicting the festivities in "Doodletown: 12 Days of Christmas". But perhaps you're not ready to celebrate Christmas or winter just yet, after all, we're just about to embark on the longest day of the year this month.  So consider one of Mr. Whamond's other illustrations for South Dakota's Mount Rushmore, San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, Toronto's CN Tower, or New York's Empire State Building. These are fun puzzles to assemble and even more entertaining to figure out the 'who' and 'what' of the puzzle - it's like a "Where's Waldo" activity with more diversity. This would be a great Father's Day activity and gift! 

Next up, we recommend This That & Everything, a game of association. Why? Because it has this, that, and everything.  I say "Princess and movie star", you guess "Grace Kelly". One point earned! Now we just have to get five more associations correct in less than 30 seconds. Let's try another one... "ancestry chart," "genealogical data"... You should say, "family tree". See, simple. It's a fast-paced, easy to learn, crowd-pleasing game. With thousands of answers for people, places, and things, you're sure to head into summer solstice with plenty to talk about!

With some kids having already graduated in May, and others still to finish this June, we think it's an important time to create special memories. We recommend "Create Your Own Puzzle". Bring art to life by creating special memories of your kids' handprints, or drawings. Don't have kids? Maybe you just want to create a special memory with a friend or loved one or send someone a unique card.  Whatever the occasion, our line of Create Your Own Puzzles allows you to make memories into special keepsakes.  These blank puzzle boards can withstand markers and paints and are available in small postcard size (can easily be mailed), 10" x 14", 21" x 15" or a large piece Floor Puzzle. Create your masterpiece, over and over, as you reassemble the pieces of art.

All of these great products are available at your local retailer.