Date Night Guide

20 April 2017

Are you looking for date night ideas?  Whether you go on a double date or keep the person you're romancing to yourself, board games are a great way to get connected.  There are ice breaking games, get to know each other games, test your knowledge games and so much more fun to be had sitting together.  So put down those phones and tablets, grab a date and get a game night going.

If you are over 18 and really comfortable with the people you're playing with, then try Adult Charades!  Our friends at Date Night Guide suggest our classic game ''MindTrap'' as a great follow up to an evening at the ever popular escape room venues.  We also have a MindTrap 20th Anniversary Edition and as this game has stood the test of time, so should your love.  For other great game ideas, check out the Date Night Guide's, ''Game On! 15 Fun Board Games for Couples'' article as it contains some other great games, even if they weren't made by Outset!  And be sure to like them on Facebook.  They just launced in April 2017.

At Outset, our love of games runs deep of course, and we wish an equally deep love to you and yours on your journey together.  Head to your local retailer and be sure to ask for games by Outset.