Sea of Thieves: A Mystery Island Pirates Review

by Corey Whelen
24 May 2019

2-6 Players, 20 Minute Play Time, Low Complexity, Light Strategy, Ages 5+

The planks underfoot groan, and waves crashes across the bow. Your crew is at the ready and your heart full of adventure. Your opponents are fast, and just as fierce as you, but with a bit of luck, and the wind at your back, you’ll be the first to plunder the mysterious and legendary Treasure Island!!

It’s time to set sail with Mystery Island Pirates!

Mystery Island Pirates is a 2-6 player game full of twists and turns that make it perfect for smaller scallywags in the 5-10 age range; the multiple game modes and ever-changing game board make it engaging for more seasoned swashbucklers as well!

Perhaps the most outstanding aspect of Mystery Island Pirates are the gorgeous pieces. The lovely, lively, cartoon art makes this game a joy to look at, and the thick, gorgeous cardboard tiles and sturdy wooden ships make it a pleasure to handle. The game comes with over 40 tiles, so that you can adjust the length and complexity simply by pulling out extra tiles or ones you don’t want to play with. The rules are easy, the game is fast, and the seas are crowded with competitors, so let’s get into the nitty-gritty, me mateys!

Set adrift in a sea of excitement!

There are two different game modes, the delightfully named Buccaneer Bounce, and my personal favourite, Treasure Chase! Both game modes start the same way: the tiles are set up in a “winding sea path” that will take the pirate players all the way from Pirate’s Cove to the fabled Treasure Island. Only those two tiles are face-up though! The rest are hidden, which means players will be scrambling to find the fastest and safest route to the finish.

The Buccaneer Bounce game mode has some additional interesting tiles, but the PVP introduced by the Treasure Chase game mode really heats up the action! Not only do players now have the option of moving forward OR backward, the first player to reach Hidden Treasure Island gets the TREASURE CHEST! The player that makes it to the end WITH the treasure chest is the winner- but careful! The chest can be stolen by other devious players- they are pirates, after all!

So much wonderful art, and so many awesome memories to be made!

Overall, Mystery Island Pirates is deceptively simple and infinitely replayable with modular tiles that make every game a unique puzzle. Perfect for children of all ages!

Check out the “How to Play” video here!