Cobble Hill Puzzle Co Launches Bold New Design For Its 13th Birthday

Makeover includes more uniformity and new reference poster
25 January 2018

Cobble Hill Puzzle Co launched a redesign of its jigsaw puzzle boxes for 2018 in celebration of its 13th birthday.  The change to a more bold, modern look was spurred on by the change in demographics within the puzzling community who enjoy Cobble Hill puzzles.  The company is seeing growth with millenials, young families and couples - as opposed to a mostly senior community who enjoy puzzles as their hobby. 

In 2005, when the company was launched, the classic and simple beige box really spoke to trust and added comfort to those trying something new. Now after 13 years and a more firmly established fan base, making the change to a bolder colour scheme made sense. There were a few other practical decisions that needed addressing with the box design. The company knew retailers wanted larger images on all sides of the box to have more options for facing their puzzles on the shelves. 

Consumers wanted a reference poster that was unobstructed by the company logo on the front of the box. These and other functionality issues like bigger box front image, consistent item code placement, and easy colour coded boxes by piece count all contributed to making a bold change.  

While some Preferred Retailers had exclusive rights to showcase the new design in December 2017, the majority of retailers will offer the newly designed puzzles in January and February 2018.  There was an initial release of 53 new images with the new box design and an additional 43 new images will be released between January and February 2018. As well, the company is transitioning the majority of its puzzles to the new box design as reprints are necessary.  The company expects to turn over the majority of its classic design before the end of the year.  

Feedback from both the retailers and the social community of puzzlers have been very positive. The company is confident that the change was a move in the right direction. 

You can see the difference easily in these "before" (left) and "after" (right) photos of Hallmark Southgate's store.