Cobble Hill Puzzles on the Big Screen in "Puzzle" Movie

16 May 2018

In July 2018, Sony Pictures Classics is releasing a movie in the USA (and hopefully Canada) called "Puzzle". We are sure that puzzle fans everywhere will be excited to see this film that features their favourite hobby on the big screen. The main character, Agnes (Kelly Macdonald), meets a gentleman (Irrfan Khan) who is searching for a puzzle partner to enter jigsaw competitions with him. The story unfolds a tale of friendship that is built around many things, but we're obviously most excited about the puzzle part! So cool!

The official trailer shows off Cobble Hill puzzles in the storefront window, on the shelves, in the main character's home and we even see our logo on the banner for the National Jigsaw Competition, right up there with other amazing brands like Ravensbuger and White Mountain Puzzles! While our whole office will certainly watch the movie, admittedly, many of us will be eyeing up the background scenes looking for our puzzles; we may have to see the movie twice! It's just a neat feeling seeing your brand exposed on such a large scale. And fun fact, the movie release date is the same day as the Cobble Hill owner's birthday! Happy Birthday Dave!

However, ironically, for the first time in 13 years, we changed the design of our boxes that had a timeless, classic look with beige borders - as seen in the film - and went for something more bold and fresh. So, while we're excited to see our classic boxes on the shelves in the movie, it will end up being a bit of nostalgia for us over the years, as our new box design takes over retailer's shelves. This has to be the ultimate momento though!

When we shipped puzzles to the set dec team last spring, we had no idea whether the movie would ever leave the cutting room floor. In order to give the set dec team a variety of puzzles we shipped a ton of Cobble Hill classic rectangular boxes, plus our modular square boxes, as well as our Jack Pine puzzles and some D-Toys puzzles (a nod to our Romanian distribution).  So to hear that "Puzzle" was featured at Sundance Film Festival just blew our minds. Still... the wait.. will the film get picked up or not? Lucky for us, and of course, Marc Turtletaub, the film's director - Sony Pictures Classics bought the rights and now - summer, here we come! Thank you SPC!

We can't wait to see the film, and we hope you go out to see it too! If you enjoyed "Little Miss Sunshine", then we're sure this one will pull at your heart strings as these movies share the same director.

Mark your calendar for July 13th!

Official Movie Poster:

This is probably one of our favourite shots:

And it's pretty cool to be the host of the Puzle Competition with Ravensburger and White Mountain:

On another note... read about our new box design!