Bleeding "Yellow"

21 September 2017

If you haven't already heard, in 2017 we took on a massive project to create seven 1000 piece puzzles that when assembled and aligned next to each other create one continuous 15 foot span of rainbow colours.  From Pink to Purple these 1000 piece puzzles come together seamlessly. Take a look at this example of "Yellow" aligned next to "Green" and you'll see how they blend together - the breaking point is just between the Anne of Green Gables book in "Yellow" and the blue umbrella in "Green".  Pretty neat eh?  

Not only do the puzzles blend together, but we made a major box design change - the Rainbow Collection puzzles have full bleed boxes. This means the image is flush to the edge of the box, unlike our boxes with the standard tan frame! Our Cobble Hill logo (which we know is a nuisance for some) is encapsulated in a white background with the piece count listed. The image area covered up by the logo is featured on the right side of the main image - so no more "mystery pieces".  

Avid Cobble Hill fans may have realized that all of our 1000 piece boxes have a shade of green around the image (see "Ugly Xmas Sweaters" below), the 500 piece have a dark shade of blue, the Family Pieces 350 are aqua blue, and the Easy Handling 275 are brick red.  However, we're considering a change to a full image on the front of all of our boxes.

Here are a few examples of our full bleed boxes...

So, do you like that we're "Bleeding Yellow"? Or do you prefer the old box style with the tan frame? We want to hear your opinion! Feel free to email us and share your thoughts.