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Radio Stations Playing What? and What? Girls Night Edition

Are you listening to win the party game?
Oct. 15, 2012

Radio stations across Canada are playing the party game What? and What? Girls Night Edition live on-air!  Are you one of them? 

Alaska Highway News interviews our Iain Lang!

"Charlie Lake in Pond Hockey Board Game"
18 December 2012

We're excited to share this article with you because Iain Lang, our Canadian Account Manager, is interviewed in this article!  If you want to write a story about "Pond Hockey-Opoly", it's a good idea to go straight to the source; Iain is the author, so clearly a wise choice!  Please enjoy.

89.9 HAL FM playing What? on the radio

Question: What is the worse thing to shop for?
13 December 2012

A party is that much more entertaining when you gather a group of friends to play, "What?"  It's a party game for 5 or more players that leaves everyone guessing who-said-what.  Hear the game playe

Radion Station, Jewel 98.5 plays Canadian Trivia Family Edition

10 December 2012

Radio stations across Canada are catching on to the hottest Christmas family game, Canadian Trivia Family Edition, including Jewel 98.5 in Ottawa!  This fantastica

Calgary Sun Gift Guides 2012

Featuring Canadian Trivia Family Edition
2 December 2012

What Bird Are You?

Birds & Bloom Blog
27 November 2012

For a chance to win one of Outset Media's 'What Bird Am I?' game, please visit the Birds and Bloom blog and leave a comment about which bird you are!

Black Friday still beats Cyber Monday

30 November 2012

Whether you were shopping or working at your retail store, we hope you enjoyed a GREAT post Thanksgiving weekend.  Outset Media had a FANTASTIC week, thanks to all of our Retailers and Consumers. 

Outset Media What? $250 Game Pack

20 November 2012

Remember how I told you about how Ed was just chalk full of useless information?  Well, I've found the perfect use for all that knowledge with board games for the whole family from Outset Media.  Outset Media has been around since 1996 and is 100% Canadian! Not only that but much of their product is manufactured in Canada and the USA.

Win a $250 prize pack via Kidsumers Holiday Giveaway

15 November 2012

I love family game night, and I especially love when we play games that are educational and fun. Outset Media excels at creating games that help children learn through play, and I’m excited to give some of my readers the chance to win a $250 prize pack of games from Outset Media!


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