Why we exhibit in Nuremberg

This was the second consecutive year we have exhibited at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair.  Between appointments and people meandering into our booth, I did have ample time to reflect on why we are exhibiting in Nuremberg.

Exhibiting in Nuremberg is an expensive proposition.  Booth space is expensive.  The logistical costs and headaches of exhibiting in Europe are challenging for a North American based company.  And the time factor of being away from the office for another nine days during the prime tradeshow season is costly in more ways than one.

Furthermore, consider that the vast majority of people walking by our booth have no ability to purchase our goods.  We are there to find new distributors and licensors for our board games, card games, and jigsaw puzzles.  If a retailer stops by to browse, the best we can do is take their contact details and keep this information on file until we find a distributor in their country.

The overriding question becomes - if we are indeed only looking for potential distributors and licensors in other countries, would it be more cost effective to bring our products directly to these distributors and licensors?  We could skip costly tradeshows, and go visit them in person.

So… why exactly are we exhibiting in Nuremberg?  Plain and simple, it is all about branding!!!

Cobble Hill Puzzle Co. has become one of the top specialty puzzle brands in Canada.  For a few of our independent retailers, Cobble Hill is now their top-selling brand (even outselling Ravensburger, the world’s leading puzzle brand).  While not as recognized in the United States, Cobble Hill is well on its way to becoming a serious player in the US market.

Outside of North America is a different story.  We are an unknown product with no following.  We need international distributors and licensors to take our games and puzzles seriously.  A good presence in Nuremberg does help potential distributors and licensors become familiar with our brands.  It also helps our current distributors build awareness in their local markets.

Being in Nuremberg shows the world that our brands are indeed strong enough to compete in the international market.  And that is why we are going back in 2015.  Hope to see you there!

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