Toy store in the Munich airport

While en route to the Nuremberg International Toy Fair, I had some spare time to pass at the airport in Munich.  So, I decided to check out the airport’s toy store.

The love affair that Germans have with card games and board games is well known.  What first struck me on entering the store, was how true this is.  Beside the entrance on both sides of the doorway were racks of card games (there were a total of four large spinning racks).  And right in the centre of the store, in what would be considered the prime retail location, was a huge selection of board games.

A little over half the games were recognizable worldwide brands.  The others were specialty games that have not yet appeared in North America.  Unfortunately, with my limited understanding of German, what these games were all about was lost on me.

When compared to other departments (i.e. crafts, toys, toddler, construction, etc.) the game section had without a doubt the strongest assortment of products.  It was very pleasing to see this!  Maybe the Germans are onto something!!!

On a side note – a few days later I needed to purchase a tape measure.  I went into a Woolworth location in Nuremberg.  Everything in the store was inexpensive, but also low quality (I am surprised the tape measure lasted for more than one day)!  But… what did surprise me was the quality of the games in the toy section.  While most everything else in Woolworth was “down-and-dirty” merchandise, some of the board games and card games were surprisingly good quality, something you might even expect to see in a specialty retailer.

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