2017 Year in Review

The long flight to Hong Kong Toy Fair every January is always a good time to reflect on the past year.  Here is a list of my top four highlights from 2017:

Highlight #1 - Revenue Growth

It was another exciting year of growth at Outset.  Revenue was up 23% in the calendar year, and we broke the $22 million mark in sales.  What is especially nice about last year’s growth was (once again) it came from all areas of our business - domestic and international, games and puzzles, and licensed and non-licensed games.

Highlight #2 - Increase in manufacturing being done in Brampton

In 2016 we opened our new 70,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Brampton.  It was roughly at this time that our Canadian manufacturing division really started to take off.  And 2017 was no exception - we manufactured just over 500,000 board games in our Brampton facility - including 70,000 copies of Pickles to Penguins.  Without a doubt, this is the most product we have manufactured in Canada.

Highlight #3 - Pickles to Penguins

As mentioned above, we sold 70,000 copies of Pickles to Penguins last year.  For a game without any TV advertising support, this is a pretty impressive quantity.  It’s exciting when we have a game that performs this well!

Highlight #4 - On a personal note

In 2017, I completed my first two marathons.  The first was the Paris Marathon in April.  The second was the Victoria Marathon in October, where I knocked 46 minutes off my time.  Completing one marathon - let alone two in one year - was a big accomplishment for me.  It takes a lot of training, and for someone who spends a little too much time at the office, it certainly was a challenge.  I hope to complete the Vancouver Marathon in early May, this time raising money for charity.

Happy New Year everyone!  Looking forward to seeing what exciting things 2018 will bring!

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