Canadian Toy Testing Council Best Bet Award!

5 November 2013

Outset Media is excited to announce that PicWits! has been honoured with a Best Bet Award from the Canadian Toy Testing Council!  To win this award, every product is tested by the most important testers - children!

It's on the Outset Media Best Sellers list and for a good reason.  This game from MindWare has players matching their image cards to the caption card, which often results in a hilarious pairing!  It's the picture perfect party game.  The game has already received accolades from other awards including a Major Fun Award, Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award, Teachers' Choice Award, and more.  Some content may not be appropriate for certain families, but with over 500 full color photos, it's easy enough to sift through and pull out the most appropriate images for your age group. 


"My grandchildren love to play games, but one of them is too young to read. This game was ideal for the whole family. The little ones can join in even if they can't read, and the pictures are random, creative, hilarious, awesome!" Ruth Ann (grandparent)

"More fun than Apples to Apples" Kelly (parent)

"This is a great game for families and friends. The ages says 10+, but my 6 year old can play and he loves it! That being said, even though a 6 yr. old plays it, it doesn't mean it's just a kids' game adults really enjoy this also. GREAT GAME for all ages!" Misty (parent)

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Download PDF to see list of all Best Bet winners.