ASTRA Announces 2015 Best Toys for Kids Finalists

29 May 2015

Every year, the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) publishes a list of products that are honoured with a Best Toys for Kids award.  The list of finalists includes a whopping 83 specialty toys that will be voted on for ASTRA’s 2015 Best Toys for Kids award! The 83 play products are assigned to one of 14 categories including Active Play, Classic Play, Scientific Play, Construction Play, Game Play (by age groups), plus others and then the voting begins!  What makes the Best Toys for Kids award so great?  One reason, it's the people who vote.

The collective group of members that make up ASTRA include independent retailers, sales reps and manufacturers of games, toys, and puzzles.  But it's your local retailer who sees all the different products, plus the people who buy them and the children who play with them, so they have a great insight into which products have real play value.  Once the finalists list is released, ASTRA retail members (aka your neighborhood toy store) are able to vote for the winners online or at the ASTRA Marketplace & Academy show in Charlotte, NC on June 7th and 8th. After the votes are compiled, ASTRA announces the award winners in all 14 categories. 

The ASTRA Best Toys for Kids list is great for parents who want to make confident, informed decisions about toys and games for their families.  Be sure to add it to your list of things to anticipate!  

ASTRA is an organization that parents can turn to for solid advice in the area of play.  Parents don't want to buy cheap junk that gets opened and broken or ignored. When parents purchase products for their children, they want to make sure it's a quality product that will intrigue the child well beyond a one time use.  Parents want real value out of what they buy, so they're not wasting money. But more importantly, they are truly interested in watching their child enjoy play time and being a part of making memories. ASTRA strives to offer parents informed recommendations, expert opinons, and age-appropriate advice.

Look for the winners list which will be announced in late June!

Visit the ASTRA website for 2014 winners!