What? Deluxe

What? Deluxe party game
  • What? Deluxe party game

What? Deluxe is the perfect party game for entertaining large groups or at office parties.  What makes this game so fun?  The three categories of questions!  Players write responses to general questions, fill in the blanks, and sticky situations.  If you really want to hear how people think of you, insert your name into a fill in the blank and see what everyone has to say!  The deluxe version of What? is packaged in a classy and fun looking tin, so it also makes for a great gift item.  And it has more cards of everything!

Case Pack 6 Width 10.875"
Origin China Height 8.5"
UPC 6-25012-39019-4 Depth 3"
Item # 39019 Weight 2.78 lbs.


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