What Bird Am I?

What Bird Am I? - Best selling bird game
  • What Bird Am I? - Best selling bird game
  • What Bird Am I?® is a table top game designed for birders to test their species identification skills! With three levels of difficulty, What Bird Am I?® is perfect for novice and intermediate birdwatchers, as well as truly serious birders. The game has 300 spectacular photographs of birds from across continental United States and Canada.


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    Case Pack 6 Width 8.75"
    Origin Canada Height 6.125"
    UPC 6-25012-10225-4 Depth 4"
    Item # 10225 Weight 2 lbs


    The object of the game is to identify the bird species in as few clues as possible in order to win the most points for that card.  With a point scale of one to five, a player can earn the most points by identifying the bird in just one clue.  If it takes a player five clues before identifying the bird, then one point is awarded.  A beautiful photo of the bird is on one side of the card for all to see, after the bird has been identified, or if all the clues have been given.  More detailed instructions can be found in the PDF download. 

    Number of Players: