MindTrap® Classic Edition

MindTrap® Classic Edition
  • MindTrap® Classic Edition

Originally published 30 years ago, MindTrap went on to become an international bestseller with over 3 million copies sold worldwide.  Celebrate the original game, featuring classic content updated for the 21st century.  It's a box full of quirky characters, baffling brainteasers, and convoluted logic!

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Note: MindTrap was written and released decades ago by a company to offeral lateral thinking games for people who enjoyed puzzles.  We understand that there are some offensive and insensitive cards in the MindTrap game that need to be removed and replaced. As a distributor of MindTrap, we apologize for having allowed the game to go unscrutinized by our content editors. In 2021, the game is being reviewed thoroughly to ensure that everyone who plays to solve the puzzles aren't scratching their heads trying to figure out how we could allow such distasteful content to pass through from our hands to yours. We hope you accept our apology and we look forward to bringing appropriate revised content to the game. 

Please click to fill out this form if you have any questions or suggestions about cards in the game that you deem offensive. We take your comments very seriously.


Case Pack 6 Width 7.375
Origin China Height 5.125
UPC 6-25012-37090-5 Depth 3
Item # 37090 Weight 1.02


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