Canada-Opoly board game from Outset Media games
  • Canada-Opoly board game from Outset Media games

A Canadian board game from eh? to zed!  In this fun family game that celebrates all things great about Canada, players make their way around the board similar to the classic Monopoly board game, but with a Canadian twist of course! Being Canadian, we have to start with a Face Off! right?! Yes!

Instead of railroads, players will work to collect all four parts to Canada: Territories, Western Provinces, Central Canada, and Atlantic.  

Players will of course run into problems like hockey equipment fees and the inescapable income tax. But on the friendlier side, because Canadians are friendly after all, you'll find friendly facts about polar bears and bison..what, no beavers or moose?!  Who wrote this game anyway? Sorry :(

Canada-Opoly will also take you on a trip to some pretty fantastic places like Vancouver's Science World, the Toronto Film Festival, Quebec Winter Carnival and the Calgary Stampede, yeehaw!!  

This fun filled board game is perfect all year long, but you definitely have to play on Canada Day!!  Call us to find a local retailer or fill out this form!


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