5 Second Rule

Quick! Name 3: Fast things.  Birds, board games, and 5 Second Rule! Just Spit it Out™! Or you'll lose, if you can't name three things in five seconds or less. This rapid fire game will have your whole gang laughing as your tongue races the twisty timer.  

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With only five seconds to name three things in a category, time is not on your side - so Just Spit it Out! Will you get flustered as your friends stare at you? Does the zooping sound of the twisty timer trip you up? Forget about your friends, forget about the time, just say what comes to mind! This fast paced game may have you explaining yourself as your friends laugh at the ridiculous things that come flying out of your mouth - all in good fun!

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Ages 10 & up | 3 or more players

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