Popular Playthings

Popular Playthings is in fact a brand of general toy products from Huntar Company, based out of California. Huntar Company also has a line of educational products marketed under the name, Learning Mates.  Outset Media distributes both lines of toys and games in Canada.

The company is committed to the research, design, and development of new educational and toy products that will not only challenge the child, but will also stimulate imagination, interaction, and manipulative skills.  Their construction toy, Playstix, won a Parents' Choice Recommended Award and is reminiscent of the "log sticks" from decades ago. Popular Playthings and Learning Mates offer everyting from creative toys, nostalgic novelty, brain teasers, classroom fun, electricity kits, and "monkey fun"...your kids will go apes when they see how fun learning can be while monkeying around!