PlayMonster is leading the toy industry in design, manufacturing and marketing of high-quality, award-winning products that enrich lives by providing fun and interaction.


Life for PlayMonster began as Patch Products, a family owned company started by two brothers, Fran and Bryce Patch in 1985.  The company is proud to have achieved success with many of its games, including Buzzword®, What’s Yours Like?®, Farkle Frenzy®, Malarky®, Swap!®, Toss Up!®, 5 Second Rule®, 100 Wacky Things®, Go Ape®, Giant Spoons and Word Shout®.

In 2008, Patch acquired Smethport and Lauri.  Smethport is known for its brilliant discovery of using dust from magnetic grinding for use in magnetic drawings.  Thus, the famous Wooly Willy®, which clung to the list of Top 40 most popular toys made between 1950-1980.  And Lauri, which was originally acquired by Smethport in 2003, lends its educational toy line to the Patch family.

In 2013, Patch continued to round out its product offerings by bringing in a new line of infant toys from Mirari. The infant line offers engaging and entertaining toys without added distractions that take away from the magic of play. In 2015, Patch added the OK to Wake!® clocks and adorable night lights to its offering under the Onaroo brand.  

When the company changed ownership in 2014, it saw it as an opportunity for even greater growth!  So, in 2016, the company made a big name change to reflect what the company is all about - a monsterous amount of PLAY!  The company has a rich history that it's proud of and a huge future ahead as PlayMonster!

2016 was a fantastic year for PlayMonster as they entered the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) category with their newly acquired Roominate building sets designed for girls. We're sure the company will "engineer" something special to help this product become a household brand.

If you grew up in the 80s, you may remember these from your childhood. We have a variety of Spirograph offerings for countless ways to design! Check out the Scratch and Shimmer video below:

In 2019, Playmonster broadened its portfolio of card games with the acquisition of SET Enterprises.The award-winning family and educational games include SET®, Quiddler®, Five Crowns®, Karma®, WordSpiel® and Zangle®, plus brand extensions! 

Playmonster has also done a great job outfitting its popular 5 Second Rule game - as played on the Ellen tv show - with a fun Disney theme!

With all the impressive achievements and entrepreneurial spirit of PlayMonster, it's easy to understand why Outset Media is proud to be the Canadian distributor for its family of products.  The PlayMonster catalogue also includes products from Onaroo, Mirari, Lauri and Smethport.