Outset Media


Outset Media began its story back in 1996 when a young entrepreneur, David Manga, ventured to create a board game all about Canada.  While still a BCom student at University of Ottawa, he started his company and from the outset, it has been a success.  

Dave started with All Canadian Trivia board game, which spawned other renditions including its most current version, Canadian Trivia Family Edition.  Realizing the satisfaction he had in providing wholesome entertainment, he started a line of children's card games, Professor Noggin, which reached a high of nearly three dozen subjects from history, science, geography, animals and nature.  In 2005, Dave seized an opportunity to branch out from card and board games into jigsaw puzzles and what a tremendous success that has been - with two brands in Cobble Hill and Jack Pine!

Not only has Outset managed to successfully reach a diverse market with the manufacturing of its own games and puzzles, but it also distributes products in Canada for various US companies including MindWare Games, PlayMonster, Fat Brain Toys, Blue Orange Games, Goliath, Pressman, Late for the Sky, Popular Playthings, Royal and Langnickel, Be Amazing! Toys, Madd Capp, and the D.I.Y. Crystal Art Kit.

In 2016, Outset's incredible growth led to the company moving from a leased 30,000 sq.ft warehouse in Brampton, Ontario to owning a 70,000 sq.ft building with a showroom for retaiers. Everyone in the company loves what they are doing and enjoys coming to work as part of a team.  The seasons ahead for Outset are very exciting and we look forward to serving our retailers!  Click to read more about Outset.

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